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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lunar eclipse tomorrow............The Pink Moon

Unfortunately, we will not be able to see the lunar eclipse this time around but it is still a marvel and wonder to me.

I love the name of the full moon in April....the Pink Moon, also called the Awakening Moon. It is so named for the flowers (moss, phlox and others) that have already bloomed in many parts of the northern hemisphere. I remember the first time Shelley my daughter became aware of the different names for the full moons. She must have been about four and was very excited to get outside and see the moon. In her mind the name implied that it would be big and beautifully Pink. I remember the sour look on her face when she saw the same beautiful old golden glowed orb looking back at her from the heavens. "Hey, where's the Pink"? she grumbled. I will never forget that pouty bottom lip of hers as I explained how it's only the name, not the color of the moon.
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That same year when the Blue Moon came along....she had no interest whatsoever in going outside to see the moon not be blue. Good thing she outgrew the disappointment. She leads us in our welcoming song to the moon, no matter it's hue every full moon with our "tribe" song, I see the Moon and She sees me.
this is the other side of the moon, photo credit NASA
I have seen the moon colors that I wish I hadn't. The forest fire affected moon of the summer and autumn are so beautiful and yet so ominous looking knowing the effect wild fires have. The volcano moon a few years ago was equally  as looming. But those events that color the moon also are part of the nature that surrounds us, for the most part. Fire cleanses and the earth lets off steam. All of those elements bring us closer to our source and should if we are aware, bring us peace in understanding the wheel of life.

One of my favorite childrens books is Everything I see is part of Me. I am the moon, the fire, the wind, the earth and most especially for me.........the stars and beyond.

I hope that this full moon brings you hope, health, happiness and peace. Oma Linda

 For information on the eclipse here is a link.


  1. I also hope this full moon brings you health, happiness and peace. And a little chocolate also.

  2. Hope, health, happiness and peace to you as well....and a little more chocolate. :0)

  3. May this pink full luna put a smile on your face!

  4. Wishing the same to you and more, Linda.

    How disappointing for your girl not to have her true pink or blue moon.. that's so cute. Now a colourful moon is as close as your favourite photo editor.

  5. That is such a sweet story!! Poor little girl did n't see her pink Moon! So cute!!!

  6. Oma Linda, this is such a beautiful post! Wishing you the same my friend ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  7. Well there you go, I never knew moons were meant to be different colours! Right enough, I'd probably have been peeved too if I'd know it was called pink or blue and it wasn't... ;o)

  8. I happened to be having a sleepless night during the full moon and sat under her at 3am basking in her glow. I shit my mind off and she gave me many things I needed.

  9. Last year was the first time I ever heard of the Pink Moon. Very, very early one morning during the Pink Moon of last year I looked out the window, just before the moon was setting and I swear to you that it looked pink. So I, like your daughter, assumed it was called that because it looked pink.

    This year I was slightly disappointed when I looked for that "Pink" Moon again and it was just a normal, though big and bright, moon. It looked pretty shining through the tree branches, so I took a picture, but it wasn't pink. It was only after the Pink Moon this year that I read that it was so named because of the flowers in season. Really, it was pink last year. It couldn't have been my imagination. I wish I would have taken a picture back then.

  10. HI! i just wanted to let you know the source to the the image that you posted i was searching the web for the source of that image as well i am in loove with it :) the image is called " a childhood dream II"



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