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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A trip to UNM and a different kind of learning experience............

I have some laundry to air.....an irk to voice.....a rant to rail.

So hold on my lovelies.

GK, my grand, goes to a charter school which includes in their curriculum off site teaching opportunities. Glorified field trips. Friday GK's class went to the University of New Mexico to the world renowned Maxwell Museum. GK was super excited because of stories I told her of the Maxwell when I went to school at UNM and because she is my geeky, loves museums grand.

After visiting the Maxwell, and while waiting for the bus to take them back to school, she sat down on a low retaining wall to read. Three other girls joined her on the wall. GK noted that the other girls were throwing rocks and jumping around. In a very short time, her science teacher came roaring up to the four girls assaulting them with anger and accusations because "some lady" in the building across the way complained that she saw "those four girls" throwing rocks at the windows.

Her science teacher went on to say how humiliating is was to be wearing the same shirt as the girls, to be associated with them and to have them as representatives of the school. When asked what they had to say for themselves, GK said that she didn't throw rocks but was just sitting there reading. Before the other girls could even speak, this "teacher" jumped into GK's physical space and said, was GK calling an adult a liar? Before I continue, let me put this statement into perspective....was GK to say, no never, adults never lie and then become a liar for saying that? Or was she to say yes and have the vexation of this "teacher" rise at the gall of a 12 year old knowing that adults lie all the time? No, she just restated that she had not been involved in this incident. And still this "teacher" pushed her for confession. The other girls tried to interject that yes, they had thrown rocks but GK was not involved. And still this hard ass biotch pushed only GK for being disrespectful and probably the ring leader. At this GK broke and said that yes in fact she had thrown rocks, just so the "teacher" would get out of her face and go away. She tried to talk to one of the other teachers but the solid party line would not even look at her.

Needless to say, she was in hysterics by the time Shel picked her up. When GK explained to Shel what had happened Shel called the school and asked to talk to "the teacher". When she got her on the line "the teacher" was hateful, rude and talked down to Shel. When Shel tried to explain why GK had confessed, "the teacher" wanted no part of her explanation and said that either GK had lied to "the teacher" or she was lying to Shel now. And that was the end of the conversation. Period.

Now let me clue you in on the part that pisses me off. These tactics are the same ones that GK's abuser used to keep the "secret" of the abuse and keep her in fear. The school has a zero tolerance for bullying.  I guess the zero tolerance only applies to the students.

We have written a letter outlining our disgust to the principal, the teachers involved and to the administration of APS. GK will take her punishment under protest and we've asked that the teacher educate herself as to who GK really is by asking last year's teachers of her demeanor and character.

Funny thing, Fridays are GK's therapy sessions. She was able to talk it out with her therapist, work out a plan of how to stand like an Oak Tree with deep roots in the earth supporting her and letting the wind of the world blow through her branches not dwell inside her. She came home feeling like this was a good thing not a bad one because she is loved, this will pass and we were all proud of her for standing up against "the teachers" incorrectness with grace and directness. She stood up to a bully, gave in to move on and will be a better person and probably not back down as easily next time. And she is proud of herself for even trying to stand up to an abuser. Progress in her character building and she shows very little scarring from the incident.

I of course have a very personal three pronged reason for this irksome irritation. First, I too had an abuser who whittled away at me constantly to keep me in check so I felt it immediately as GK related the story. Second I love my granddaughter and hate to see her have to do the middle school bs anyway let alone from a teacher she admired up until yesterday and third, that biotch also disrespected my daughter.

Oh yeah, I can hardly wait until parents night visits to the classroom.
Might have to leave a charm for "the teacher" or a poison apple??????


  1. Some teachers ARE mentally abusive and I'm so sorry GK had to deal with this and I'm so proud of her being a little oak tree! She'll remember this incident and as you said become stronger and will cherish the feeling of being loved. Whenever I'm feeling attacked I immediately go into my past where I was verbally and emotionally abused. So happy all of you are together supporting your beautiful grand : )

  2. You know, I was going to say it sounded like a phone call to the local paper was in order but then I read on about how GK has resolved it and moved on a little stronger so now I think it's wise to follow her lead.

    It's tough that she is going to have to deal with that teacher now for the rest of the year. I'd advise her to never be alone with that teacher. Although having witnesses didn't stop her, at least GK had witnesses.

  3. I must admit that bullying from teachers is not something I've thought about...until now.

  4. Reading this story made me want to punch someone..really hard! That teacher should apologise!!

  5. I'm glad that she's working it out & learning that these things are going to happen in this world we live in, but I have to admit, I actually did laugh out loud reading that last sentence. Good one.

  6. What a pile of crap this woman is. There are some things I just can't stand and to use one's power to put someone who we are supposed to protect down is despicable.

    I can't wait for your next PTA meeting. I want to know how you address this. That teacher should be taught some words.

  7. Ah yes, the 'I'm always right, so are any other adults and you're always wrong' approach to teaching. I used to get a train to school, along with a number of other girls across the different years at school (there were 7 'grades' in our secondary school) Because our schools all wear uniforms we were easily picked out, and when a bunch of the older ones were messing around one evening, one of them accidentally pushed a luggage trolley too hard and it rolled onto the tracks. The result of this was local transport chaos, because it was one of only 2 through rails at the staion, but no-one had witnessed who had actually done it enough to descibe the culprits as more than 'High School girls', and it was in the days before CCTV was everywhere. All of us that got any train were hauled in to the office the following day, and then weeded out by train line down to our one, as it had been the platform that our line would come into where the incident happened. The deputy headmistress eyed me with malevolent glee, as only 3 weeks earlier I'd been hauled up in front of her, along with 3 friends, after we'd been reported for 'messing about' with the train doors on one of the morning services (we were 11, and had discovered that if you pressed the button to open the doors, then on your way out pressed the 'close' button, you had time to get out, but it would shut in your friend's face. Apparently there were some adults that didn't appreciate that particular experiment ;o) ) Having had this previous transgression, I was the prime candidate for this new assault on British Rail, and she'd got as far as saying to the older girls what the incident had been and was dismissing them to leave us to face the punishment when the actual perpetrator stepped forward. It took a lot of convincing on her part, that we had not, in fact, been involved, and that we should be allowed to get on with our day. I still don't think that deputy has forgiven me for not being the guilty party, as the one that had done it was normally a 'good girl' whereas I was more, er, 'spirited' ;o)

    Anyway, I'm glad GK has been able to rise above it, she obviously just knows in future to never trust that woman again, always the best way to encourage your students, I find... *ahem*

  8. I'm so proud of GK for the way she handled this situation. I remember being bullied by my third grade teacher and don't think I handled it as well. I have a problem with adults who believe they are always right and all children will lie to avoid punishment or just because they're children and children lie. I'd be looking forward to parent teacher night too if I were you. I'd love to be there when you give that biotch what she deserves!

  9. LInda, I work in school as you know..........
    I have working colleagues that I´m afraid of........it says a lot doesn´t it!?
    I feel so sorry for GK!
    All my loving to all of you

  10. I am so sorry for everything Gk has had to go through!!! I am sorry for everything all of you had to go through!!! Get that poison apple ready ;o)


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