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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The grands go to Placitas to see the wild horses

Sweet Man's days off during the summer afford him opportunity to take the grands on short driving adventures. Short because we're old and don't want to have to hog tie the grands before reaching our destination or arriving back home again. They are the poster children for she's touching me and then turning around and making each other laugh so much it's contagious. I'm very used to this because I am with them lots....SM uh....not so much but he's a trooper.

Thursday we went to Placitas which is just up the road a bit north of Albuquerque. When I was a teenager, my friends and I would go to Placitas to skinny dip in the stream and pretend we were part of the communes that Placitas was known for. Later on in college, I lived in Placitas for awhile and practiced even more being a dirty dreaded hippy. But enough of my lurid past as a flower child.

And back to the grands adventure. Last time SM and I were up there, we didn't see but one stallion and only for a split second. He must have been scouting out the area because we didn't even see traces of any other horses. But this time, just as we entered the "historic village of Placitas" was a steaming pile and we knew they must be close. It wasn't 2/10ths of a mile and they were three on the main road. There was a big grey with black main, a painted black and white and a beautiful shiny roan. They took their time crossing the road and we followed them as best we could up a stream bed.

Nope, not picture one of the horses. I was too busy looking out for the grands.

After disengaging our tracking mission we headed to the north part of Placitas where the huge houses are. A friend had told us there were gourds to be found along the main road and she had seen an entire 15 horse herd last week.

As we drove along the grands started spouting back some of the geology and terrain things they have learned in past driving adventures, it was very cool to hear them speak of Mother Earth with knowledge and affection. We found mistletoe, they asked the plant if we could pick it, and brought some home. We also found loads of gourds, but only brought home a few for our turtles (some of their favorite food in the wild) and left the rest for whatever animal feeds on them.

Then we reached the high voltage wires that bring in electricity from the 4 corners of NM, Utah, Colorado, Arizona area and just before getting to the turn around there is a bridge. We've never even noticed the sign before. Maybe it's new or maybe us oldies but goodies just missed it but.............a for really troll bridge.

How could the grands resist getting out of the car and calling the troll to come out and defend his bridge. They are a mess.....thank goodness.

So the adventure was a success....horses, other wildlife, plants, beautiful scenery, troll bridges and spending quality time together. The cherry on top was a meal at Cracker Barrel. And everyone made it home sans ropes and gags....tee hee


  1. Another fabulous adventure, although perhaps it was good for the grands to have skipped your skinny dipping, after all, all the bits aren't as perky or located quite where they used to be ;o)

  2. Sounds like a grand adventure for the youngsters and the oldsters. I'd pictured Troll bridges looking a bit different than what I see here but since I've never actually seen one I'll accept they look like this. Hugs and smooches to you all.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful excursion. Mrs. C. and I are still waiting for grandchildren, but so far our thirty-two year old son isn't cooperating. Take care.

  4. Oh - a troll bridge! Wonderful. How brave they were! But I think trolls likely only eat the people that we find distateful - isn't that how it works?

    Sounds like a wonderful day! And perhaps one day you'll tell a bit of your hippy college days. ;)

  5. I saw wild horses during a vacation in the Outer Banks. They are truly amazing. The way horses should be, wild and free.

  6. I've never heard about Trollbridges, but here in the Netherlands we also have horses living in the wild. Not "wild" horses i think, cause i guess people let them free to see how they survive in the small Dutch woods. So good to hear the kids respect mother earth ;-)

  7. What a wonderful adventure! Definitely something to write about for the first school essay - "What I Did Last Summer"! :0)

  8. I love everything about this post: the wild horses, the ancient sign, the picture you painted of GK and Ry being siblings, their appreciation of the Earth, the bits you shared of your past, your Sweet Man driving his loved ones... everything, and most of all, I totally LOVE the tone in which is written. You sound so happy my Oma Linda, and today I celebrate that ;-)

  9. I want to hear more about you skinny dipping and being a flower child ;o) LOL! Your trip with the grand kids sounded like so much fun! Great adventure! Too bad the troll didn't come out ;o) You guys are so cute! Love that the grands love Mother Earth ;o) Big Hugs ;o)
    (got my package from you today! Love everything! Love my heart, love the pendant and mom took the flower, LOL)


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