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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let's talk about the Mercury Retrograde afterglow

I can't say that my life was affected too much during the recent Mercury retrograde. As a matter of fact, not much at all. I know many were anxious for it to be over.

Now the after party for the retrograde kicked in on the 8th for me and mine. Camera, phone, computer keyboard, mouse and the real biggie was our closer than I ever want to come to killing someone incident. And I'm not kidding.

SM and I took the grands to a park at the very foothills of the Sandias for our weekly outing. Park was full of wasps, saw several rattlers basking within 20 feet of the playground equipment......we didn't stay.

Took them to lunch and were headed home. We were in the far right hand lane near the sidewalk on a three lane street. A brand new peach colored convertible VW bug came along side of us with two teenage girls no more than 16 and GK said what an ugly color car they were driving. She had not even pronounced the ending g when the driver of the VW just made a right turn from the middle lane, right in front of us. If SM had not been aware of that car and the idiot girl driving it..........I can't even bare to think of it. He stood the SUV we were driving up on the front end and the girls whizzed past us onto the side street.

We pulled in front of them, cutting them off. Easy to do because the drivers was still looking for something between the seats and hadn't even noticed us until I screamed what do you think you are doing? And the little biotch in the passinger seat yells we were turning, you dumb ass. What's it look like? (Well to me it looked like Daddy's little girl has great taste in friends and didn't have a clue as to how to drive the "still with dealers paper tags car" she almost wrecked.) And then the driver looks up and gives us the Jersey state bird.

SM walked to the back of her car (I wanted to walk up and smack um both) and wrote down her license plate number and told her to stay put and proceeded to call the police. They almost ran over SM when they put it in reverse and backed up into the major street where they had cut us off without even a thought. Squealing tires a huge crash and a police siren. All within 90 seconds or less.

As we pulled up into the parking  lot on the corner to stay and give our report to the police, we were able to see what had just happened. The little girl in the passenger seat (who I thought afterwards, we could have killed if we had hit them) was stuck with the air bag deployed. The driver was caught behind the airbag and the police car was up into what used to be the new car's back seat.

The grands were, needless to say, shook up. And us oldies  had our knees knocking as well.

The "idiot girls" were taken to the hospital as was the police officer driving her car. Joe stayed and gave the police his statement and I took the kids home. GK says she doesn't want to drive until she is older. Ry said, "yeah Sissy and let's not ever have a peach car". And there you go.


  1. snotty little privileged bitch. talk about instant karma. she got what she deserved. I hope she has fun 'splaining it to daddy.

  2. Dang! Prime example of the Karma dude at work. Wow. I commute to the mundane an hour each way and see some of the craziest drivers and know at some point something bad's gonna happen if they don't wake-up and smell the coffee. The ones that really get me are the soccer Moms with a minivan full of kids TALKING ON THE CELL PHONE!! grrrrrrr (I will now step off my soap box)
    Have a better day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Quite a bit of drama. I hate driving.

  4. Oh my goodness, I thank every divine being in this universe that you are all safe. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    And of course I ended this tragedy with a huge chuckle. I'm with Ry...no peach cars. ;-)

  5. I'm know it sounds kinda sadistic, but I am LMAO over here!! I guess it was that last paragraph that did it. So she basically back ended the front end of a police car? Though I do hope those obviously spoiled & entitled young gals were okay, you know what they say about karma.

    I suspect they were fine, save a few bruises from those air bags. Those buggers can hurt... so I hear. I have, fortunately, never experienced one but my husband has when he found himself face to face with a telephone pole once after losing control on a rain soaked back road.

    I once got the Jersey bird from a similar group of girls who after flying crossways across multiple lanes of parking spaces, cut me off while I was in the driving lane, not even so much as looking at me. I blew my horn & the passenger side gal expressed herself in the same manner. I just laughed.

  6. Of course if you're old enough to get the licence you MUST be perfectly fit an able to drive, and of course, being young, they must know sooo much more than the oldies...

  7. Whew! Glad all the Cuckoos are okay. That was an expensive lesson for those young girls but talk about karma! A valuable lesson for all.

  8. Don't you just love Karma? I've seen these same girls many times, just in different cars. :0}

  9. I'd say those girls received their just do ... backing up into a police car?! Holey Moley! Course they will probably say it was the police woman's fault ... after all, she is the one who ended up "rear ending" them!

    What a crazy day!

  10. I'd like to know what her parents were thinking by getting her a car while she's that incredibly immature. Then again, they raised her. I hope they're okay but geesh.. I wonder if they learned somethings.


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