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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Summer program talent show.....

First things first.....Ms. Baggs kicks butt. I think she did a fine job of interviewing the Oz Puppets and I appreciate her taking care of this blog for me so I could be a good hostess. At least I hope I was. I got to all of the blogs, commented to all of my visitors and am really happy for how the day turned out. We had a few snafus but no huge ones.

Of course now Ms. Baggs is going to want a raise. I guess we could negotiate about more pay and more duties for her.
Crazy hair day for program
Now on to the Summer Program Talent Show 2012. I know I said we would try for a video but well, we have one but I know you couldn't tell one kid from another as far back as we were sitting. So you'll just have to settle for my description. I hope that will be good enough.

Imagine if you will 800 differently abled children between the ages of 6 and 13, coming together for a variety show kinda deal. There were 4 program sights and all the staff and all the parents who could come to the event.

I used to go to all of Shelley's to do's in band, choir, performances in dance, swing choir and her college shows. There was always an air of competition. That's the nature of the beast or so I thought. These very special kids were whooping and hollering for each other. Never a slight feeling of competition but comaradery.

I haven't laughed or cried so much in a long time. So proud of all of those little sweethearts getting up on stage and singing and dancing (even the ones in wheelchairs) and those have got to be the biggest grins I've ever witnessed. So charming, so heart warming and so special. I felt humbled by their lack of guile. I felt lifted up by their sense of fun.

My grands are so fortunate to be a part of this program. They both had solo parts. Ry for his dancing and GK for her singing.

There was a hydrocephalic boy named Ben who just took over the microphone as soon as the music started. He was so cute. The staff person on his side of the stage tried everything to get his attention and literally held his hand to get him off the stage, while the others were just singing and dancing away. But Ben kept sneaking back up to the forefront. After the third time, the staff person brought him back once again and my adorable, sweet, kind and understanding GK went and took his hand, led him back to the middle of his group and continued to hold his hand until he forgot about going up front. I was mesmerized and so proud of her.

For that and all the love she has given the other kids, she was awarded the "Sweetart" (mostly sweet but sometimes a role model) award for her program sight. The award is voted on by all of the staff. This is her second year for getting this award. I am so proud of her acceptance of, encouragement towards and kindness given to her fellow participants. And the kids from both her last years sight and her this years sight helped the announcer when she said, I know I am going to mispronounce this Sweetarts name....she began and the whole audience pronounced GK's name and cheered for her.

Could an Oma be any more proud of both grands? I don't think so. Could I be any more proud of their mother who has done a fabulous job of modeling love, compassion and heart to her children, nope. Sorry if this sounds like a brag but it is. I am so proud of my offspring and her offspring, especially in light of their struggles and hardships.

The Cuckoos are fluffing up our feathers and high fiving each other.


  1. Oma Linda, I am so proud too! I have the biggest smile on my face and my heart is singing! Actually, I am fluffing up my feathers for you all too ;o) Hugs ;o)
    (I am really behind with blogs and Oz party, but I am hoping to catch up today ;o) )

  2. They are adorable! And you should be proud of such loving, caring and giving kids!
    Be blessed.

  3. How wonderful for the kids. children are so amazing. No one has to teach them to love, only hate needs to be learned.

  4. Yay for GK, sounds like she's growing up to be a perfect young woman (not lease because of her shirt ;o) )

  5. Talent seems to run in your family. You must be busting with pride.

  6. You have every right to brag and then brag some more!! Congratulations to the Grands for their outstanding performances and especially their beauty of heart to their fellow students. I say go for it, another round of high fives all around are in order.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  7. Wonderful picture !!! You must be so very proud. It is so great when all things come together isn't it ?
    This must be such a boost.
    I'm happy all kids had so much fun too.
    Have a magical day.

  8. Man I love those hairdos!!! GK and RY look FABULOUS!!!!! And I am crying myself with your description of the wondrous Talent celebration!! GK- Congratulations, sweetheart! You are truly Kind and Gentle and Loving. I'm sure the Tin Woodman himself would present you with a big Red heart-shaped Award for your humanity and tenderness! And Oma, Thank-you, from the bottom of my heart, for such a Fun and Magical Oz celebration!! I need to travel down the road and check it all out!!! I've been asleep in the Poppies and need to WAKE UP!!! Thanks so much, Oma Linda!!!

  9. You olde cuckoo, you have me in tears here. Don't I look the fool blubbering and sniffling and trying to read through teary eyes?! Brag to your heart's content. You have some pretty wonderful offspring but boy do they have weird hairdos. GK sweetie, you are the bestest kiddo and Ry you aren't so bad either. You two are making your Oma really happy, I can tell this is true cause it shows. Smooches to all of my favorite cuckoos.

  10. You are inspirational as a grandma, and your kidlets are darling!

  11. Oh Miss Oma Linda, I am filled with such pride for your beautiful family, you'd almost think they are mine. But I guess that is just one of the many beauties of friendship. To experience every amazing spectrum of feelings and love, and embracing them fully, despite which side they fall on. I LOVE that image of those grands. If we looked in an encyclopedia under awesome, that is the picture we'd see. Hugs to you all! Mina


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