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Monday, July 23, 2012

Here's where we went.........

I am on someone elses computer to post this for you because after trying to keep the secret for me, mine died. Can't turn it on, so I can't post any pictures, le sigh.

But thanks to the person where we went also posting about it this morning you can see that after 3 years of watching to see what happens to all of the animals at 7MSN Ranch, Casa de Cuckoo, sans Sweet Man made the trek to visit Linda Carson. Here's the link, http://www.the7msnranch.com/2012/07/the-line-for-love-forms-here.html

The kids were in animal paradise what with rubs, scritches and views of Handsome Hank the horse, Lucy the sweetest, most patience, riding donkey in the world, George and Alan the goober brothers of donkeydom and Winona the pig, who when she drinks sounds like she's using a straw and the chickens.

Now Ry loves to eat eggs. It is one of his favorite foods. But to hold a still warm egg in his hand????? He said he was protecting a baby chick. NO matter what we told him. It was a thrill for GK as well. I have to admit it was pretty amazing for this city girl to hold it as well.

Inside the 7MSN Ranch house we met Smooch (and fell in love with her) and the cats Rosebud and Snapdragon. Rosebud gave us a concert much like our own Sunny Bunny and Smooch warmed up to us and we were treated to licks and wags like we belonged .

Linda Carson is the luckiest human in New Mexico. Every window of her home is a vista of true New Mexican beauty. It looks like she has the best art New Mexico could muster and it is right outside her doors. As a matter of fact, those windows look like paintings instead of windows......eat your heart out Taos and Santa Fe, the real artist beauty is provided by Mother Nature thru the windeows of 7MSN Ranch.

And when you go visit 7MSN's blog, check out the kiddos. They both got to ride Lucy. GK was over the moon about being able to do so with Linda giving her instruction but not leading her. GK looks good in the saddle and is very comfortable. Ry got two turns and by the time he finished his second, GK wanted a second also but sprinkles of rain were felt. And trust me when I tell you.....those red clay roads are not ones to travel when wet. So our time had come to an end.

We had such a nice visit. Couldn't have asked for a more welcoming host. And came home tired and happy in the knowledge that we had made a new human and many animal friends.

pssst....I have a secret crush on Hank. He really is a big wonderful dog but don't tell anyone. He got to licking us and Shelley and I are still tickled this morning, it was hilarious. Such a fun day. Thanks Linda, Smooches and Squoozes from Casa de Cuckoo.


  1. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful time was had by all, yay!!! Its so good the have such days sprinkled about!!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Sounds like a fantabulous visit! Of course you will also now have to have a suitably cuckoo-esque funeral service for the dear departed PC...

    Oh, and while I think about it, ping me your addy, I've found the perfect thing for you...

  3. What a wonderful trip! I popped over to the 7MSN ranch blog to take a gander at the photos. The one of Ry snuggled up on Lucy was enough to melt my heart right away into a puddle of nothing. If that boy isn't a whiz kid with equines, I don't know who is.

    Loved the 'watermelon eye'! And how awesome to be able to hold a farm fresh egg for the first time. I remember the days of thinking they all housed a baby chick. :)

  4. Looking forward to your photos. And a horse who licks? Curiouser and curiouser....

  5. Pleased you still got to post because I've enjoyed MY visit too! Sorry to hear about your computer :( our TV at the moment only works on half the screen unless you belt the back of it & our washing machine has to be hand filled, I'm sensing a revolt of things electronic, shame we rely on them so much & nice to know the kid's & all still appreciate the simple pleasures of life courtesy of mother nature, I felt the warmness of the egg as I read your post & the views do sound like they surpass anything on a gallery wall :)

  6. Hey Oma Linda ;o) Just catching up with this blog of yours! I am so happy you had a great time! I would love to hold a warm egg! How special! Big Hugs ;o)

  7. Hey Oma Linda ;o) Just catching up with this blog of yours! I am so happy you had a great time! I would love to hold a warm egg! How special! Big Hugs ;o)


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