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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's play catch up......

Thanks to all of you who have been so super supportive in reading my tale of the Gypsy Women. I in no way consider myself a writer, but rather a story teller, yarn spinner and Chatty Cathy as my darling friend and tottering old pal Hex Spellweaver would say.

The kids are enjoying a wonderful summer program through the City of Albuquerque. Once again they are both involved in Theraputic Recreation. Last year GK was given the opportunity to help with some of the younger group. She particularly enjoyed the kids with Down's Syndrome. By the end of the program she was considered a JV, junior volunteer.

I have to be the first to say, I wasn't too sure that GK and Ry should both be going to that program that was suited for kids who are differently abled. But after GK not only loved the challenge but also found something she was good at, I was convinced. And Ry, well I shared with you last summer how in 8 weeks he gained the confidence that had not happened in 2 years of public school.

So when the opportunity came around again for the two to go to the same program, they both have been psyched every morning to go. This year GK is in a group with her own age and once again has proved that having Ry for a brother has taught her life lessons, that you and I can not fathom. Her patience, compassion and comfort level with all kinds of "affected" kids is so admirable.

Ry is a maniac. He absolutely adores going every morning and comes home wiped out. He works, plays and has fun, hard. He has friends, a new handshake, and when we drop him off in the morning  it reminds me of the old TV show, "Cheers". Where when Norm came into the bar everyone knew him and said "Norm". Only in our case it's hugs for GK and "hey dude" to Ry.

This is such a fabulous feeling, knowing that my grands are expanding their friendship base, their level of understanding of themselves and others around them and are gaining skills that both will use for the good of not only themselves but others in the future.

Every day, Shelley gets compliments on both grands, how sweet and loving and helpful and well behaved they are. How some of the adult volunteers are so fond of the grands. And the kids like um too. Hey, it's a win, win. And one has to wonder looking at them play at the park in these pictures, huh?

Lucky Ducky grands, proud grandparents, super proud Mom, yep the Cuckoos are doing well.


  1. Woot, so glad they're doing so well :o)

  2. hurrah for that program....sounds like they have it figured out!

  3. You've just warmed the cockles of my heart. Did I say that right? I'm thrilled the grands have such a fun place to spend their summer days. It's good to have friends and fun. Have fun my little friends. Smooches

  4. It sounds like a wonderful program. Good for your grands for taking it to the limit. They seem like great kids.

  5. Yeh so happy for the Cuckoos ;o) I am proud of the grands too ;o) Love the pictures :o) Hugs, xox

  6. The sounds and sights of happy children. It don't get much better than that!

  7. This huge smile is making my face hurt. What wonderful photos of GK and RY. Oh my goodness, they are too precious and the bond between them cannot be missed. I know sometimes life throws a hard ball, that things are not what we wish, but overall, seeing these pictures and reading your words, I'd say life is one big beautiful adventure. Hugs, my lovely friend. Mina


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