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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy MidSummer, Litha, Summer Solstice to you all.....

This regularly scheduled post is interrupted by absolutely fandamtastic news. The people of Van Horn Texas have done the right thing and cancelled the donkey roping this Saturday. Carson from 7MSN Ranch has spoken to Jason Owen the promoter and is confident that the donkeys will be surrendered to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue where they will live in a pasture and never have to be roped again. If you have a spare bit of money, $10 even, that you could donate to PVDR, it will go to feeding and medical care for these "saved just in time" donkeys. I thought you would all want to know the good news. Also there is a list of the folks in Van Horn and email addresses to thank them for doing the right thing on Morning Bray Farms blog.  Remember "Nice Matters" and so do all of you who helped with thoughts, emails, phone calls and encouragement to the cause of eradicating donkey roping. XOXO Oma Linda
And now back to Solstice.

Yes, they are getting a little older. And yes, I am the one who is the most excited about the faeries. It happens. But, I still cajoled the girl child to dress up and humor me. And she looks like she hated it huh? I swear, the grands are so sweet and hamish. They love to have their pictures taken, get dressed up and they even like to humor old ladies. All without threats of no ice cream before breakfast. Never fear, Ry has Uncle Sam already under control for the 4th.

I have been accused by dumb folks of flaunting them for my own purposes.....well who in the hell's purposes do you think this blog belongs to? I would admit it if they didn't want to...because I would be the one in the blue tutu and pink striped tights and then you all would be complaining but since that isn't the case......I hope you enjoy my cowgirl/faerie and our homage to Summer Solstice and the fae.

And now there you are. May the fae let you know of their presence and may you be blessed by it.

And if you know of someone who needs this glorious tutu, it is for sale in my Etsy shop.


  1. she's a beauty and a delight. I had so much fun with my own grandgirl this past week who just turned 14. they are magical in their own right, are they not?

    and what dimwit has been accusing you of flaunting them ? who the hell wouldn't flaunt such cool little people? oh yeah, someone who isn't blessed with grandkids.

  2. SO happy to hear about the donkey's,yayyyy!

    I love your fae princess, she hast to be careful the fae don't snatch her back tonight because she's so beautiful.

  3. Oh yea... that girl *totally hates* playing dress up and pose pretty. Riiiight, and I'm the Queen of England.

    You tell that fae of yours she's a beauty and let Uncle Same know we can't wait to see him! Merry merry Midsummer beloved cuckoos.

  4. First of all, GK is just adorable!! Love the fact the kids are good sports and have as much fun as you do!!

    However, my friend, I just got a visual of you in that costume...almost fell out of my office chair...then I got a visual of both of us posing in said tutu's...I think I cracked a rib!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Anyway, glad to hear that the Van Hornians up the road from us are seeing the light, the donkey light.

    Loves ya,

  5. Yahoooooo!!!! for the donkeys!!!! What wonderful summer soltice news!!
    The GK is such a good sport and beautiful too down to her color coordinated toenail polish :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. Woohoo for both the donkeys and the people of Van Horn!

    Loving the fae tribute, fantabulous outfit :oD

  7. Love the outfit.. and the model is just adorable. Happy Solstice to you, Linda. :)

  8. Wonderful pictures !!!
    Happy Summer Solstice !!

  9. I love these pictures! I want a pair of pink cowboy boots! Oma Linda I would love to see you in a blue tutu and pink striped tights ;o) I wouldn't complain ;o)
    I know I am late on this blog, so I won't say congrats with the donkeys because your other blog said, it might still be on ;o( It better not be!!!!!!
    Big Hugs ;o)

  10. On the roping falter...YEEHAW!!! See what you started, you beautiful Queen of Everything? Nearly brings a tear to my eye.

    Your cowgirl fairy is an enchanting wonder! Oh, she is a true beauty. Flaunt on, sweet lady. For your flaunting brings the rest of us such tender hearts and genuine smiles that is can only be a wonderful gift you bestow. I can't wait to see Ry on the 4th! Warm hugs and kisses to you and those wonderful grands.


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