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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cost of therapy in these parts is cheap....only cookies

If you follow my other blog Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts then you know I have joined others of my donkey loving kind in attempting to get a donkey roping event cancelled.

This situation has made me even more aware that you hold your friends close and your enemies closer .... like around the _____. You can fill in the blank. I smart aleckly, even thought up new rodeo events that included various cowboy parts and pieces but those too do not need to be enumerated. It made me lose faith in somethings and built belief in others. Gave me insight into inhumane kind and human kind. Growth is a good thing.

And also made me need a little bit of therapy. You know where ya work out some of the questions in your mind and challenge yourself to view things differently and change yourself. Nope that never works for me either. But this did..........

I talked SM into driving me down to Morning Bray Farms just to view the donkeys. I took donkey cookies and intended to leave them in the mail box from Oma to the donks. But to my delight, the donkeys were grazing and I was able to get close to them.

The first to come to me was so prophetic.....Patty Pat the former and forever blessed x roping donkey. He was more than willing to accept my offering and let me touch his nose. Then Ellsworth, Bernard came close enough to partake of the molasses infused cookies, then Buck put his little head in the mix. And finally Mr. brand new fly mask wearing Nigel, the donkey who used to be fearful of so much, followed me down the fence line as I went to put  the note indicating to Don and Justina that I had been there. Nigel came to the fence and let me give him a treat too. I was so thrilled.
The only hold out was Ms. Gracie Belle. But she did retrieve and eat the cookies I threw to her.

Bernard and Big E exchanged breath with me, let me scratch their long beautiful ears and make those wonderful huffing noises. I was at peace. I found a respite in the middle of the insanity. I was blessed by the very animals I love so deeply. They shared themselves with me and made me better for it.

Someday, I may be brave enough to share with all of you why I love donkeys and hate the abuse of them. It is a very personal childhood story that isn't ready for sharing yet. Donkeys have always been heroes to me and Thursday afternoon was no exception.

Thank you Patrick, Ellsworth, Bernard, Nigel, Buck and Gracie Belle for blessing me.

And to all of you blessings as well. Have a good weekend, Oma Linda


  1. I bet you inspire the same feelings in them. Animals, especially a specie as intelligent as donkeys, understand the human heart much better than many humans. They probably felt your need, and were happy to help you cope.

    I wish I had some donkeys near me. In the meantime, I've been going to stable near my house and talking to the horses in the morning. The other day the stable old-boy (he is a really old guy lol) he told me, "They like you. They don't come to the fence for no one else. You must have a magical soul."

    Yep, I broke into tears. Now I see them everyday. I'm hoping that they will let me volunteer as a walker. *fingers crossed!*

    When the old-stable boy found me, I was telling the horses about the donkeys...

  2. Aww, glad you were able to get some donkey therapy, and I'm sure they enjoyed the cookies

  3. It would seem that a donkey would be a fine totem to have. They have such fine qualities and clearly you recognize, love and respect them. And they, you. I'm glad you had this beautiful encounter.

  4. Donkey therapy is the best there is!!!

  5. The love and blessings you received were in return of your own. I believe with all my heart that they know things that we could never imagine. And above all, they know good souls, like you. Your reward was one of love. How wonderful sweetie.

  6. Animals are the best form of therapy. And those lovely donkey's received so much from you that now their bellies are full and their full of love too.

  7. Bless you and bless those beautiful donkeys! Animals know! They are special! And, they know you are special too ;o)


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