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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Time is a limited quantity thing.....

Just yesterday I read this on one of my friend's on facebook's status. I don't like it but it is true.

I have been less attentive to my blogs, shops, friends and more involved in my personal space issues. I still love you. I know we all have some deadlines looming and summer is here and for me the grands have expectations of grandious adventure and we have a new family member to consider.

As I shared on Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts, we have a new cat, a tortie girl with a very entitled attitude. She was a member of another family who just couldn't keep her because they were moving to a new location and couldn't take her with them. I hope she doesn't miss them too much. I hope we will be a good family for her. She is quite friendly, loving and has already taught GK to wait on her paw and foot.
All the wonderful things that cats do like use a scratching post and do under the bed road races upside down in the middle of the night, as well as the nightly wake up and pay attention to me "you silly human" trick have now been introduced to GK, in whose room her majesty Cybella lives. Shelley and GK named her after one of my characters and she is.....a character but then you say cat I say character.

We did a brief meet and greet with Sunny Bunny in neutral territory and neither of them seemed too upset. She did the walking and growling and he did the hiding and hissing. Maybe in a short while they will learn to sing together and dance a friendly dance. We are taking all this very slowly, thus the living in GK's room away from all the other animal idiots in the house.

The kids are going to a summer program and I will be back to a semi normal schedule in three weeks and if my fibro and weakness cooperate I might even be able to get back to visiting with all of you on a regular basis.

Please know I am thinking of each of you and when I can I will go back and read your blogs and catch up on your "doings". Until then smooches and squoozes from me.


  1. Cybella is beautiful!!! Nothing more exciting than a new member of the family- at the purrfect time of year- SUMMER VACATION!!! Yippee!!

  2. Love you Oma Linda ;o) Cybella is so beautiful ;o) I will babysit ;o)

  3. Lovely new addition to the family. I'm sure GK is taking very good care of her. Cybella wouldn't allow anything less would be my guess. I'm still playing catch-up with your long lost posts. ;o}


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