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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Awwwwwww Sunday number....I dun know

I shan't be anything but positive here but I will tell you that something lit a forest fire in the Gila Wilderness and my lungs are dun in. New Mexico has some seasonal delights to share with most all of its citizens. Unfortunately one of those is very dry forests and dry thunderstorms. The dry thunderstorms produce lightening and not much rain. The Gila Wilderness is a gorgeous section of southwestern NM. There is a forest fire there, not big by some years but at 13,000 acres, pretty huge in my mind. And the wind patterns are bringing the smoke our way. Here's a picture of the sunset last night, thanks to Mr. Ry's eagle eye and GK's photo taking.

I've had a lovely week with GK and her new kitty. The crowned queen Cybella has met all the other idiot animals now. Odin tried to eat her...she stared at him like "quiet down there peasant". We dressed Ellie up in a cute little red with white polka dot (go figure) number because for some reason with clothes on she is more humble for her intro to HRHiney. That meeting went rather well. Ellie ran when I yelled, "run Ellie this one has claws" and it worked out fine. Sunny Bunny and she are still at an impass. That is to say each one is still under the misconception that they are only cats and refuse to acknowledge the others existence. Last night Cybella came out for a visit and she and Sunny walked past each other in the living room without so much as a tail or nubby (in Sunny's case) flip.

GK in her humor announced, "you see they don't even give a flip about each other". To that Shelley looked at me and proclaimed that she is officially in the middle of the comic sandwich....and Ry said, "yep Mom, you and I are the bologna". I am particularly glad that I did not have any liquid in my mouth or the need of the facilities at the time. I almost laughed too hard. I love my fam.

And here is where I will write of the most loving, sweet man on the planet. We all just knew he would be upset about "yet another beast in the house" but turns out he thinks this cat is the very best thing that has happened to/for GK in a very long time. Joe said he thought that at this time GK needs something to love and care for, so that she can feel responsible. He visits with Cybella and GK every night before bed and the cat just adores him. He has picked her up and loved on her and she knighted him with marking him on the chin. He is officially Sir Patsy of the Grands, lover of family, defender of hearts and keeper of the peace. Before he asked me to marry him all those ions ago, he said he would love to be able to take care of me and Shelley. And it didn't stop with just us, grands and all that they come with are always included. I love you sweetheart.

Yesterday the kids and I worked on cleaning and rearranging some things in the living room because Friday, GK and I found the most wonderful old 1940's-50's round coffee table for a whopping $13 with 30% off at the junk store of our dreams. It is 32" round, rock solid but really ugly on the top. We all had a good time scraping off years of gunk from the surface. Today we will sand it and then......here's one of those inspired moments.....we will paint it with chalkboard paint. wooooo awwwwww.

The kids love to play the Wii and this will give them the perch they need to be close enough and high enough to the sensor to play easier. I mean come on, how can one get to the next universe in Super Mario who gives a big one without a perch. Right? And if it has chalkboard paint. They can play there games of tic tac toe or draw a checker board and erase all they want and I don't have to groan about all the trees giving up their lives to the grands foolishness. I mean we use all the junk mail back of pages anyway but you can't imagine how much paper just goes......................... Also, if need be, Momma can leave the dreaded and sometimes ignored, to do list on the table for this old broad and the kids before she goes to work. At least that's the story I am sticking to at this point.

And an update on the gnomey back porch....there isn't one. The smoke has been so bad, I haven't been able to go outside much. And yesterday was so bad air quality wise the kids were in all day too. And here's the great Awwww of the week. Ry and GK both love music. Not just like but love (Momma was a music major, Momma and Oma used to sing together in church and for weddings....the poor man's Judd's). But sometimes SpongeBob and other crapee on TV suck out the life of Saturday's so, I put the kebosh on TV except the music channels. They each got to pick one for an hour. GK was torn between Honky Tonk or Reggae (okay so they have very little to do with one another but I think it's cool) and Ry picked Piano.

I taught the kids, Texas swing, the two step to the Honky Tonk. They both got it enough to enjoy it. GK already gyrates because of dance lessons and taught Ry the Caribbean hip flip kinda thing. She can't go out of the house and do that though....too, too. And Ry showed us how to waltz. Oh my. GK did get Ry to isolate his hips, he was so excited it was the first thing he did when his Mom walked in the door. The look on her face was priceless. What the, what the??????? And GK and I did Ry's waltz which is somewhere between jumping up and down like a piston and twirling around. But by golly we made the most outta no TV watching.

So there's the Awwww's of the week.

I sure hope you all can find me on google now, I have changed my settings. Please let me know. And Anonymous, I don't even open what you send so who cares.


  1. I can find your bloggie fine by using Google!

    I just started feeding a new "wild" cat too - I was calling "her" Freya - then last night I finally got a good look at HIM - time for a new name - hubby is saying "NOT ANOTHER CAT" but what can you do???!!!

    Hope the fire gets under control soon - and we're just at the BEGINNING of the season -


  2. Beautiful Photos!!!!! Your family is so Artistic!!!! Man I love that Chalkboard paint idea too! How COOL is THAT!!! Keeping Score, Hangman,Lists, Notes...A favorite game we used to do...one person draws a squiggle and the other person has to Make something out of the squiggle. Take turns.....

  3. Oh Linda, what a beautiful and heartfelt post. That picture the grands collaborated on is simply amazing. Too beautiful.

    I am so happy that the majestic Cybella is setting her place within the family and giving GK just what she needs. The "flip" and bologna comment made me chuckle out loud.

    How wonderful that you have such a fabulous man in your life. We are very lucky gals there, Miss Oma Linda.

    I hate to tell you that I am still not getting you in my dashboard, but alas, I am not. I will keep checking back. Hugs to you and yours!

  4. Hi Oma Linda ;o) I think I have caught up, after this post. You are still missing with me. So I have book marked this blog. I did stop following you and rejoined, I hope that helps? I will see ;o)
    I hope the fires have stopped! Must be so hard on your lungs! Not good!
    I was laughing when you were talking about the dancing, because my mom was the first person who taught us how to dance ;o) I am the best polka dancer! LOL!
    I want a chalk board table too! So much fun!
    Great post ;o) Hugs ;o)

  5. My brain is wearing out. I've been reading the posts I've missed and it seems like I may be getting caught up. Love the photos. Great photography skills those grands have. The chaulk board paint on the table top is probably the most brilliant idea I've heard in a very long time. I should have known I'd read about it here. Hugs to all of my favorite cuckoos.


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