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Thursday, April 12, 2012

La Justice Gitane the 3rd in the 4 part series for Magaly's Blogoversary Party

It is widely known that a knight should be strong of character, honest of soul, bold of action, gentle of hand and kind in his heart. These are the character traits of a true knight, but alas the focus of this telling, Beau Garcon Sachet Papier was a pretender to the knighthood.

Beau Garcon Sachet Papier was a very vain, self absorbed snob of a man who had been raised by a woman called La Mere du Mal who thought herself as good if not better than the queen and a father named Boucher des enfants who was a randy, cruel, sot. At the hands of these two, Beau had learned that more than anything else in his parent’s world social standing and sexual conquest were the only things that really mattered. No wonder he passed himself off as a knight of the realm, when really he was only a boy who had been whipped by Mama and brutalized by his father. And to add to his miseries, he could not venture far from his parents because their evil was what gave him his strength. Only once had he stayed away too long and suffered a terrible loss of part of his mind.

Travelling the countryside, Beau availed himself of all the pleasures of depravity. On his self proclaimed “quests” he conquered as many maidens as possible and if caught fecking the wrong sort, always made her out to be the liar and a trickster. And if truth be told, lying had become his stock and trade. After he had all he wanted from a maiden he threw away each of his conquests. It was only then that his victims could see his bloodlust trail of slime as he crept his way out of their lives and their bedchambers. This trail was truly his essence. If he did not recharge his essence at the font of evil, he would eventually no longer exist.

Men believed his lies, or so he supposed. Woman lusted after him and he did have a certain charm to attract the ones who wanted to fix what was wrong with him. Unfortunately for both Beau and the women he attracted, all too soon they felt the crush of the truth of his real character and he would have to move on or be thrown out and return to his mother’s land. Such was the case with the beauty, the frail princess and the healer.

These three women eventually had their eyes opened to his ways and threw him out of their lives, only to be tormented by his evil nature. For if Beau perceived that he had been wronged even in his own mind, he would hold onto certain treasures of his victims and cause them much pain, embarrassment and grief. It was always at these times that he retreated to his mother’s homeland for safety and the much needed renewal of his essence.

Each of these three wronged women followed the bloodlust slime trail, in order to enact their revenge on his ugly nature and reclaim their treasure. One came from the north, one hailed from the south and one journeyed from the west. Each travelled in order to make Beau pay for his betrayal, his cruelty and his misdeeds.

As it would happen, unbeknownst to each other, they ended up at a gypsy camp not far from the Castle du Juste. The gypsy offered them warmth, dinner and a place to rest from their long journeys. At this point, none of the three recognized the gypsy woman from their past encounters or realized that the spirit of the old donkey had led them here but felt the safety and comfort of her hospitality with ease.

As they shared their evening meal, the subject of why they were traveling came up in conversation. The first, the dark beauty told of an unfaithful lover who had wed her, bedded her, betrayed her and had taken her treasure. He had let everyone in her village and beyond, knows falsely that it was she that had made him stray. The others all voiced their distain at the dark beauty’s lover’s actions.

The second, the frail princess shared a similar story about the man she was searching out to exact her revenge upon. The only difference in the story was that he had not only betrayed her but also broken her children’s hearts. Since the children were not his own but from the princess’ former lover, this evil knight felt he could wrong the children and not be held responsible. Once again, all around the campfire were enflamed by the story of the princess’ lover’s actions.

The third, the healer, told her story from her lover’s perspective. He had been wronged by his parents, his former lovers, spouses, and the kings for whom he had fought. None of this, of course, was ever his fault and when she found him, she wanted so much to heal him that she stayed with him, hoping for the best. She eventually found that his tales were all lies. By that time however, she too was trapped by this man. Still thinking she was strong enough and could heal him, she stayed with him, and even had his children.

It was when he deserted the children leaving them to go hungry, be cold and have nowhere to live, that the healer knew it was time to run away. To further inflict his evil, the knight found a whore in the village and brought her into the midst of their lives and taunted the healer with his sorted affair. The healer had had enough, she left him. This, of course, hurt his feelings and he tried with the help of his trollop to cause even more pain to the healer.

But now that her children were safe and sound, and in order to get her treasure back from him, she followed his evil bloodlust slime trail.

As those at the campfire began to murmur, the gypsy could not contain herself any longer. She said to the three, “don’t you see you are all following the same man? It is Beau Garcon Sachet Papier. The three knew she was correct and that they shared a common goal. If you were to join forces, I could show you how to exact revenge so sweet, so terrible, and so bloody that Beau would never even know what had happened to him and the beauty of the plan is that we shall use his whore to exact the revenge”. It will be his own lust and evil nature that will turn on itself and cause his demise.

The three agreed with joy and excitement in their hearts.

The gypsy spoke of an ancient morality tableau that told of such a man of little character harming 3 unawares and defiling innocents. It was the cure for this curse that was the beginnings of their revenge and their real freedom from his evil.

They each entered into the oath and received the spell to make Beau’s whore so irresistible that he could not turn from her, so desirable that he could not leave her, so compelling that he could not desert or betray her. The women and the gypsy each chanted the charm, spit in their hands, and joined in a circle which was unbroken for three days. The circle was also joined by the spirit of Genevieve’s mother and the crying spirit of the dear dark donkey. Like a madness had set upon them, they did what they knew had to be done.

At the breaking of the circle, the company set off to see the results of their joining together, following the bloodlust slime trail to its end.

In a small village just outside of his mother’s homeland, they found what they sought. Both coiled together in a heap, the starved and dying whore chained to what used to be Beau. They were both covered in the bloodlust slime of his withered evil soul and both were drenched in the rotting bloody color and stench of his sins.

The three woman of course did not find any of the physical treasures because they were all gone, squandered away but that mattered not to the women who had danced for three days in a circle and received the joy of the self destruction of Beau. For you see, they had found the real treasure which is peace of mind.

At the lilting sound of braying, Genevieve looked back towards the spirits of her mother and the donkey. She walked to them, unfastened the broach circlet of pearls from her blouse, passed it to her mother’s open hand. They embraced; she kissed her goodbye for now and patted the donkeys head. They were waving and smiling as they passed over, now comforted and released from this realm by victory and peace.

The gypsy quietly left the 3 knowing that they no longer needed her wisdom but had gained their own.

Genevieve had other things to attend to.

I will be posting again on Sunday with the last in the series and will have my prize to be won listed at that time. Please go back to read parts 1 and 2 and I'll see you on Sunday for part 4 for Pagan Cultures, Sexy, Dark, and Bloody blog party. Thank you so much for visiting.


  1. Fabulous!!!There is nothing so satisfying as punishment fitted to the crime :D
    Blessed Be :D XXX

  2. I will start by stating the reason why I love fiction: it can handle certain topics in way reality never would be able to. This is such an example. Fiction is therapeutic, for through its wisdom we can makes sense of things that are just too much for the heart and mind to handle.

    I love this story. I read it without moving. My coffee went cold. I breathed as little as possible because I didn't want to let the ups and downs of my chest mess with my flow.

    I love the language. Your word usage. The significant names and motifs. I was there with those women in their circle. I saw the mother and the donkey. And with them, I despised false knight and his terrible whore.

    Revenge is sweeter when served with powerful words in it.

  3. Interesting...

    Can't wait to read part 4.

  4. Wow, Linda! You are an excellent writer! I love the story of Beau Garcon and the three women! And, I love how the spirit of Genevieve's mother and the crying spirit of the dear dark donkey joined the circle! Everything was so amazingly written! Peace of mind is a real treasure! And, I love at the end how she said good bye to her mother and the donkey! I can't wait to see what other things Genevieve has to do ;o)

  5. Genevieve... ahh yes, she is like my muse whispered Linda :) What else need she do? mmm... Can't help but think the whore was taken with evil just as the others had been under his spell? It is wonderful to see the women helped to regain their dignity & move on, I love the image of the pearls (of wisdom?) & the mother & donkey... I think this story imparts a wisdom that each reader can gain insight from... so looking forward to the next post :)

  6. Oh my goodness. I think a book should be among your future undertakings. These have been so beautifully written and the story so cleverly crafted. Hugs to you, Mina

  7. Wonderful! This tale keeps moving at a delightful pace. You have this reader eager for the next installment.


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