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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Awwwwww Sweet Sunday volume 6

Good Morning my lovelies:

I've missed blogging this week. Been outside gardening, inside Etsying and confounding the grands (my job, don't ya know) and plotting my overthrow of the world as we know it.

Actually pretty normal week, as week's go.

This week's sweetness came from the quiet of working outside. Just me, the robin's and mountain jays and the earthworms. A lovely warm breeze, flowers blooming, bees finding pollen and me pondering how it is that plants have a mind of their own during the mild winters. I have hollyhocks 2 ft tall, some with buds. Violets passed prime blooming (missed it) and mint everywhere that something else isn't. We have a new plan for the climbing roses. Because let's face it, it isn't fun to be attacked by 9 ft rose canes catching in your hair as you walk down the garden path. I'll take photos of our new plan this week after we have enacted it.

The grands and I planted newspaper pots with new herbs. Sprinkled daisy, blue morning glory, bachelor buttons (my favs), chinese lanterns, snap dragon and 4 o clock seeds in the fairy garden. Also planted okra and tomatillos to eat. This is always the fun part.....next comes the weeding, not so fun part. But watching the two grands get dirty and tired from a day of fun and play in the garden is priceless.

Still haven't found any turtles out but we have found evidence that they have been. I'm so very anxious to get my first sighting of my shelled babies.

Today marks the beginning of Autism Awareness Month. Of course I have an opinion about such but I know a very special person who said it better than I could ever. Please go and read this beautiful, heartfelt post from my friend Bird. http://takealeftatthemoon.blogspot.com/2012/04/autism-acceptance-month.html  You will be glad you did, I promise.

I hope each of you has a very sweet Sunday. By this time next week I'll have stored up more appreciation and share it with you. Bye with smooches and squoozes, lovelies.


  1. All the lovely posies you and the babies have planted! I'm trying to learn container gardening for my new apt. Wish me luck for when I move

  2. I'm still waiting until I can get out in my garden. Last year it was nearly the end of June before I could do anything. One of the perks of living where you do is your lovely long growing season. If I were to try stepping out in my garden right now I'd sink in mud up past my ankles. Ejoy your time in the great out doors. Hugs

  3. My Sunday just got sweeter. It was already a little sweet because the Sexy, Dark and Bloody Fiction party started, then I got this image of you planting veggies and yum! pure sugar.

    I've been praying a lot. Hoping next week, 2 days before my birthday, the day will be super sweet for a few hearts I hold very close to mine.


  4. You just can't beat playing in the dirt, no matter what age you are ;o)

  5. It's cooled right back down here, again but it sure sounds like you're enjoying the lovely season.

  6. I love my garden and can tell that you love yours, too. I hope we get to see pictures of the fairy garden as the season progresses.

  7. This past Sunday I began my 3 day girls only trip and had a blast. Today I am home and my agenda is to get out in my gardens and weed. The only thing blooming up here is Spring bulbs but my perrenials are peeking. I'm going to work up a sweat reading, take a nice long hot bath then hit the beach. Fuck yeah, it's gonna be a good day.


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