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Sunday, April 22, 2012

And the winner of the Goddess necklace and earrings is.......

Danni of The Whimsical Cottage.  Congratulations to you Danni. I know you will love the necklace and earrings. Thanks for commenting on the Justice La Gitane stories.

And thank you to all who commented and were entered to win the giveaway. I am sorry that I didn't get the winner posted on Friday as I had intended. Too much working on the back porch update ....dun me in.

My family was invited to go the farm to see the donkeys yesterday and I couldn't even manage to get to the fun of that visit. Today I raised up my head and said, enough with the pain already and sorta did my Earth Day thing of planting strawberries and herbs.

Once again, thanks all.


  1. Congrats to Danni ;o) I am sorry you are in so much pain ;o( I bought herbs on the weekend, but too cold at night to plant outside yet. I am excited, because this year, I bought chocolate mint! Yummy ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  2. LUCKY DANNI!!!! Congratulations!!! A Beautiful pendant necklace! And hooray for the strawberries and herbs. I planted today too! Can't wait for more Gypsy stories around the fire..Love them!!! <3

  3. Aww, sorry the porch wore you out and you missed the donks, but well done for getting the strawberries and herbs planted anyway. Hope you got a nice relaxing lie in today...

  4. *happy happy dance* I'm so excited to be the winner of one of your treasures, I can't wait to wear her!

    Take it easy, Oma. What good is an updated area if you're too worn out or painful to enjoy it? I hope you're feeling better today! <3

  5. Congrats to Danni on winning the giveaway. Sounds like you over did it my friend. I hope you didn't over do it again with the planting. Even though it's been nice and warm here for the past few days I'd be afraid to start planting just yet. I celebrated Earth Day by conserving water and not washing my dishes. :o}

  6. Oh, Oma, I hope you are feeling better very, very soon. I wish I could help you feel better. I'm sending love and healing wishes your way.

    Congrats to Danni! She's such a sweetie pie, and lucky girl, too!

    Bright blessings of healing and feeling better to you,

  7. Yay for Danni!

    Strawberries.. yum!

  8. Sending a huge congratulations to Danni for her lucky win!

    Oh honey, I am so sorry you are in pain. It is just not right that you should suffer like this. I wish you healing very very soon, my beautiful friend. Hugs, Mina

  9. Ah a big congrats to Danni! I hope you're feeling a bit better with each day ~ sending you healing wishes and hugs♥♥

  10. Congrats Danni! What a beautiful win, and coming to you with so much love. Lucky, lucky, lucky!


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