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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Awwwwww, Sweet Sunday.....a day early

Tomorrow I will be out and about and not able to sit with a huge cup of delicious mocha coffee and type my thankfulness journal. So I am sitting in the living room next to GK at the computer desk as she plays Legends of Bikini Bottom and Ry plays blocks and watches Sponge Bob on the TV.

I have to say this is what I am most thankful for. Laughing, sharing and being in close proximity to my grands. In ten years, they won't even remember what we did on Saturday mornings together (just that we did)....but this old heart will. It makes me teary eyed now as I realize how blessed we are.

Had a great week getting my kitchen mess rearranged and organized. It feels so good to be tired for a worthwhile reason. Of course Sweet Man says its a conspiracy. Just when he gets used to where everything is in the kitchen, "you change it so I have to look for stuff". Poor man, tee hee.

Shelley and I have been looking at adding some decorative shelving for the kitchen. When my folks built this house, my Mom was working 60 hours a week, we ate lots of TV dinners and she didn't really care about cooking. So the kitchen was almost an afterthought. Unlike Shel and I, who love to bake, create and experiment and need lots of room. We scoured used furniture shops, antique stores, thrift stores, and finally found some kewl old looking barnwood and wrought iron bakers racks. One very large one for all the wire baskets and antique canning jars I have collected over the years. The sweetness came in the form of actually seeing the fruits of our labor in a clear counter area, shelves reorganized, things tossed out or given away and a new feeling of freedom in the kitchen.

GK who is becoming quite a good cook, made spaghetti casserole on the first night and on the third insisted on making a chicken/cheese noodle dish. She says the kitchen feels bigger and today we make molasses cookies. Or as Ry used to call them Mole Asses cookies. He tells a cute story now (in jest) about us not having them very often because the moles are really fast and hard to catch.

And lastly, but certainly not leastly.....my friends who rally to send their very best to Casa de Cuckoo just when we need it most. I love you all so much.

Health update, have lost 15 lbs, no more symptoms from the icky meds, sleeping well and able to withstand the pain. Life is good but then it always is, just depends on how you squint your eyes when you view it.

New best saying: (stolen from Mrs. K) I am so f   ing fabulous, I piss glitter. Sparkle on my lovelies.


  1. ROFL, love the end note!

    Glad you got the kitchen sorted, and at least sweet man noticed, it once took my dad 3 years to notice mum and I had painted the kitchen...

    WTG on the weight loss, and glad you're doing well (((((HUGS)))))

  2. What a great way to spend your morning! We too could use a bit more open counter space in the kitchen and I've been keeping my eyes open at thrift, antique and furniture stores but nothing yet. Keeping my fingers crossed for a great find soon.

    Congratulations on the weight loss and I'm glad you're feeling better these days. Getting rid of the ick is the best. :) Much love to you cuckoos!

  3. I'm so happy that you're feeling happy! Good luck with the new kitchen. May you make lots of delicious things in there ;-)

  4. I love mole asses cookies, they remind me of when I was a kid and my ma used to make them. Enjoy that awesome family of yours woman, you are definitely blessed. Also, CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss. I'm plodding along, one step at a time around the neighborhood and one Proud Warrior at a time on my yoga mat.

  5. Weight loss, rearranged kitchen, fun with the grands. Doesn't get any better, huh?

    Love the new saying--and you ARE fabu!

  6. I have a kitchen the size of a broom closet so there's no hope for me but I am thrilled for you and your fellow cooks and bakers. Tell GK I want her recipe for the chicken/cheese noodle dish. Have fun making the Mole Asses cookies. That really got me grinning. Ry you're such a charming way of putting things. Hugs all around.

  7. It seems like everyone is in the mood for a pre Spring cleaning…I hope you take photos of your "new" kitchen. I'm doing my organization for other purposes, but I can't wait to create a darling little kitchen when I move. You always seem to find unique and fun treasures, Linda ; ) Wish I could go shopping with you and the family, I bet we'd have fun. May your sunday today be full of sweetness and light.

  8. I'm pretty sure that one of my Sunday blessings is reading your blog, Oma Linda!

  9. Ten (and many more) years from now your grands will always remember your face, your voice, your touch, your soul. It's a beautiful thing.

    I'll bet your kitchen looks wonderful! LOL - love Ry's mole story. My boss has a grand daughter who is so hilarious about making up such things and when she tells you, her face is so serious, that for a split second...you have to wonder. ;-)

    Congratulations on your 15 pound loss! That is quite a milestone. I am so very glad that your symptoms are gone, side effects really suck. I used to take Savilla and after three months told my doctor that the constant nausea was just not worth it and stopped them.

    Carry on with that glitter pissing! You are f ing fabulous and don't ever forget it sista!

  10. Good morning, Oma Linda! I had such a lovely time with your post this morning. I know what you mean about having those precious memories of a Saturday morning. The times I remember the most and have the most fondness of are those days or mornings or evenings when it's just us sitting around doodling. Whether it was my son playing his piano while I sat on the couch watching the birds outside and writing poetry, or on those rainy days when we'd pull out the favorite little toys and had our adventures around the kitchen table... those are the most precious and wonderful memories to me. To this day I feel warm and comforted with my family sitting around me playing games, or watching TV or sharing a laugh over what someone just read in a book or Online. It is truly wonderful, isn't it?

    Well, I applaud you for getting the kitchen organized. I have been "organizing" the kitchen for six months. I am not so good at it. LOL

    ROFL! Mole Asses!!! Ry is hoot! LOL

    Blessings to you and yours and I'm so happy that the meds are out of your system and you're feeling better now.



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