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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Awwwww Sweet Sunday volume 4

This week had a potentially horrible thing turn into a very wonderful happy thing. Funny how that happens sometimes. Ry, my grand and wonderful, is signed up to go to an after school program at the church across the street from his school on Wednesdays. Someone from the church comes across the street and the teachers of the kids who have signed up for the program bring the students to an assigned spot and the safe exchange of the kiddos is complete and off the kids go to fun, games, snacks etc. And because we have had some "car sickness" we are down to only one car here at the Casa. So, I just stayed home and was working in my studio.

The dogs were yapping at the front window. I thought maybe the postman had come to deliver a package but it was only 2 o clock and when I looked out the peephole.....nada. So I opened the door and here is Ry. I almost had a heart attack. He was to be picked up at at the church at 4:30 and he had just come home on the school bus and walked home. He has never been allowed to walk alone, much less from that distance. Great oogly mooglies, what if I hadn't been home?, what if, what if, what if????? And with a big grin on his face he says, "aren't ya proud of me Oma? I can get home all by myself?" Oh Stars ya'll. It ended well but it still gives me the willys. This coulda been but wasn't event also shows how much progress Ry has made in his self confidence and keen skills of observation. And why yes we have had a talk with the school.

Now on to my scheduled thought Awwwwwww, Sweet Sunday. We, here at Casa de Cuckoo, have spent a number of lovely Sundays at Morning Bray Farm. And I know all of you have been right there with us as we have enjoyed the antics of the animals and participated in the fun of that magickal farm, but I have a must confess I have secret crush on the second sweetest man on the planet. My Sweet Man said it was okay to tell you about my crush on Don, because after Sweet Man met Don, he knows why.

I knew Justina from MBF blog. WYSIWYG covers our first meeting. She was/is the darling soul she is. I just knew that whoever Don was he was going to be nice......but I had no idea that he was going to be so cute, equally hospitable, kind, generous, sincere, caring and funny. And to say that you can tell they love each other is an understatement. They are not drippy sweet but there is no doubt of their affection for each other. It is wonderful to be near that kinda honest emotion.

I must admit I was nervous about our first visit to MBF because I so wanted Ry to be successful. I didn't need to worry, Don just swooped in and took Ry under his wing. They have been fast and true friends ever since. Of course Don's ears are bleeding when we leave cuz Ry has talked them off but Don preformed a miracle when he gave Ry a safe place outside of Casa de Cuckoo to observe what really being an honorable, strong, kind, good man is. Don makes Ry feel safe. The two of them are so cute, going off to build a bow and arrow outta fallen sticks (Don saves them for the Donks and Ry, I think), making a walking stick for me with 4 red feathers and a piece of magick obsidian for me (as per exact directions from Ry), riding a tractor or a donkey, feeding the ducks, taking a ride down a feeding trough like a slide thanks to the lifting on one end by Don or just walking around kicking rocks. Don is patient, direct, strong, kind and really likes Ry. That has made a huge difference to the kids at the Casa.

I mustn't leave out GK in all this. Being able to trust a grown male other than her beloved Papa is huge. Don and Justina both have given our girl such confidence by talking to her as a real person, allowing her to ride Ellsworth and praising her for her achievements. It's important in a young girl's life to have significant others besides her family to give her props for just being herself. I think it is the soft spoken way Don deals with the kids that makes him so special to them both. If given half a chance and a better sense of direction, I'm sure we would be looking for GK at MBF right in the paddock with all the donkeys or out in the field with Meeeeeeegie the goat. Morning Bray Farm is the other safe place to be. People.....GK grooms the much loved longears and even cleans up donkey poop....this from the girl who can't remember how to clean up after two small dogs........but then they aren't donkeys are they???????

But the goodness doesn't end there. Don is especially nice to this old broad. Hauling a big old chair out for me to park my hiney so that I can enjoy the show. He is always so welcoming to the whole bunch of us Cuckoos. I've always thought that the most attractive quality in another human being is their sense of humor and Don is a bonafide, gold plated, dyed in the wool stinker and so very much fun. I love how he is so unruffled by the antics of his lovely wife, Carson from 7MSN and Danni when she comes to visit from Oregon. When I found a photo of two adorable donkeys with Sombreros and serapes on Pinterest, I made the comment "don't let Justina and Carson see because "the donkeys" will be wearing them for Cinco de Mayo". My Sweet Man's comment was "I feel bad for Don because whatever the Donkeyteers (my name for these donkey loving gals) put on the donkeys, Don has to wear it too". Love it.

Awwwwwwww. I sure am glad we are friends with such nice folks and what a positive influence they are in the lives of my grands, Shelley and us older cuckoos too. And PS, I have it on good authority that Don is in for a sombrero in early May.


  1. Well full marks to Ry for the ingenuity to find his own way home, even if, perhaps, you'd rather he'd stayed put lol

    Love the sound of MBF, and the wonderful people there, they sound like a very special couple :o)

  2. Ohmygod - that must have shocked you to see Ry at the door!! And so proud of himself too! So glad it all turned out ok.

    and sounds like you have great friends!

  3. Kind of a good news/bad news about Ry making his way home by himself. He should be justifiably proud of himself, although I feel bad that you have to worry about the fact that he walked home alone. The world was so much different when we grew up, wasn't it?

    The MBF folks? What a great thing for your family. You can see the love of critters and each other in Justina's blog. Lucky you to be able to share.

  4. Good people abound. Too bad we focus on the bad ones so much.

  5. Kind friends are a treasure....I'm sure they treasure you and the kids just as much!.....animal lovers are always special!

  6. So glad Ry made it home safe!!! Brave little guy!!
    How wonderful you have found a fabooo safeplace and wonderful friends. People come into our lives for a reason. It is always such a blessing when they are authentically good folks.
    Queenie's been in a flurry of business and not been doing the blog rounds, so sorry for the absence.
    Thank you so very much for your awesome comment on my blog this morning!!!
    Have a really great day!
    Always, Queenie

  7. I cannot tell you how I gasped that Ry came home all by himself nor how relieved I am that there was no "what if's", but...wow! What a turn around in his confidence. Both of your grands are so precious and wise. Must be in the genes. ;-)

    It is so wonderful that your family has been embraced by such warm and caring people but you know, like attracts like. There is not a person within your casa who is not filled to the brim with goodness. I love the way you all take such special care of one another and you extend such love to our furry friends. I'm sure Don and Justina feel as enriched by this friendship as you and yours. Have a beautiful week, Miss Linda.


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