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Friday, January 6, 2012

I met the donkeys and they are adorable

I'm going to regale you with my day of donkeyness. The truth, pictures and all.

We dropped off the kids at school (both of whom wanted to play hookey and go with us but I was a selfish shellfish and said no). And then headed out to the east mountains via old Route 66. A slower way to our destination but much more colorful and interesting than the interstate. Prior to our trip, we received directions on how to get to Edgewood Longears Shelter. Very good and concise directions (don't ya love those versus the wishy washy ones we sometimes give and get) and our journey only took us about 40 minutes. It would have been about 15 minutes faster on the highway.

Pressing the flesh with the donkeys
The directions said, "when you end the S curve, look for the donkeys on your left and you are here." And we were. There were all (15 that we saw) of these adorable donkeys staring at us as we pulled up. Before I go any further, yes, I will be going back weekly to ELS and what I am about to tell you, in my sarcastic, Oma way is for storytelling purposes and in no way is a put down of mother nature and all her jokester ways.

The snow has melted, refrozen, melted for over a week now at the 7000 foot altitude donkey rescue. So, the ground is frozen hard in early morning and grabs your boots off your feet by noon. Guess when I'll be going to visit the longears, yep early morning.

so peaceful.......so long as there is distance between us and them
Now you all know, or if you don't you will now, that I have Fibromyalgia and have a knee replacement, the other knee is iffy and I am a full ton of fun. Other than that I have had offers to stay out of the way by many Olympic committees at length and often. The ground kicked my ass. Heck people, I fight to keep my balance when I walk down my hallway, let alone on rutted frozen tundra. And it really wasn't a surprise that this was going to be physically challenging to me. But as Sweet Man kept reminding me, it was good for me to stretch myself. Whereby, he and I, arm in arm, trying to keep each other stable, hit a patch of solid ice and did the olde people splits......laughing our butts off. "help, no help yourself", teeeeeee heeeee. It was hilarious.

Of course the funny wore off this morning when we tried to get out of bed and every muscle that we forgot we had in our butts and thighs, calves, feet and brain yelled simultaneously...........REALLY?????????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????????????

you can see how uneven and rutted the ground is on the donkey highway
The visit was fun, interesting, educational and humbling. I took apple slices with me to tempt the sweeties to come close. Some did, most did not. Many looked away and I could almost hear them wishing me to go away. I had no idea just how afraid of humans so many of them are. I also did not know the extent of abuse some of these beautiful critters have withstood. I am so ashamed of how humans have treated these precious animals.

The educational part came from not only Dorothea and Andrew who were so welcoming and told us all about where all the donks came from but also from just observing. 4 boys were bought off Craigslist as "roping donkeys". 2 found wandering up near Las Vegas with no owner. 21 were rescued from a slaughter yard, 9 of whom were pregnant Jenny's. One who is gonna have that baby donkey any day now.

pretty girls
So many donkeys with stories and yet so much unknown about others as to why they fear so deeply. There also was a farrier doing his job with 2 penned jennys. In the 2 hours we were there, he had only gotten as far as touch training with the one he was working on.....so patient, such a nice man, so gentle. I was mesmerized by his soft approach. The donkey on the other hand had a much more direct approach.....and kicked at him many times in the beginning and became more gentled with every passing moment. Wow, what an experience.

The best part of the visit was when Stella the white donkey in most of my pictures became curious and followed me around. She, Ghandi, Rose and Sheila made the bologna sandwich out of me, started chewing my hair, sweatshirt and tried to take the apple bag from me. I've never been that "surrounded" in my life by donkeys, kids yes, donkeys no. It was awesome looking into their eyes, breathing their breath and feeling their closeness. I am so addicted now.

I love how fluffy Stella's ears are and how they say so much
So the sore muscles are a great reminder of how I will need to pace myself to get the best out of my visits, but they also are a physical reminder that I can. Who knows three months from now, I may not be limpy the next day, but today I say it was worth it because Stella the belladonkey let me touch her and demanded I do it again and again........even without the apples........just because she figured out it felt good.


  1. I am so proud of you!!! The caring for these great animals...work through that soreness (funny fall, and glad that neither of you was seriously injured) and head back there again...pet them for me...

  2. You've got me feeling weepy just thinking of the abuse those poor darlings have gone through. Some people need to be treated like they treat other beings. I'm picturing you two oldsters clinging to one another trying to stay upright. I'm going to let you in on a secret. I need to run my hand or arm along the wall in the hallway to stay upright and nearly went down in the driveway the other day stepping on a pebble the size of a pea. Can't you just see me out there on the donkey run? I'm so happy for you that you've found this wonderful way to make a difference in the world. I'm still searching for something. Can't wait to read about your next trip out to visit the longears.

  3. Sorry, I'm trying not to laugh at the old people splits, but I may just be giggling a leeetle bit... ;o) With my hypermobility I entirely understand, especially the next day WTF moments!

    Glad you go to have so much fun with the donks though, I'm sure you'll have them all eating out of your hand and tickling their ears in no time!

  4. I'm in tears. I absolutely love love love love love love donkeys. I have always had a great connection with them and I would absolutely love to do what you did at the rescue. I'm so happy they have people who love them and respect them and care for them now. I have no idea why anyone would hurt them or mistreat or neglect them in any way. I don't know why some people choose to be so cruel.

    I hope your screaming body calms down and you feel better very soon. I know fibromyalgia... it's horribly difficult. Especially when your cold. Take good care, keep safe, and have a wonderful time with the Long-eared Sensitives you've gotten the pleasure of getting to know a bit more.

    Bright blessings,

  5. That's just beautiful, Linda. It's heartbreaking to know that these wonderful creatures have been abused, abandoned and simply not loved. But no more. This is such a good thing you're doing. Thank you for that.

  6. Almost snorted coffee out my nose at the old people splits!

    ...just because she figured out it felt good--what a great final line and what a ah-ha moment that must have been for the two of you.

    Looking forward to more donkey tales.

    word vert: sonesse. It's sonesse that you and SM are able to take the time to work with the donkeys.

  7. Donkey medicine, LOL…I'm sure they have their stiff muscles too and I couldn't help but laughing when you joke about the not so funny fibro. Hey is we can't laugh at our own asses, who can? ; )

  8. You are a riot and I have missed reading you so much!
    The Grand daughter is taking so much time right now. She will be 3 in March.
    I am so glad you got some time away and had fun.
    My dad raised horses, and donkeys and horses are alike in many ways.
    He had a sign in his office that said
    "there is something about the outside of a horse (donkey) that does something to the inside of a man (woman)."
    I see you have been touch by this. And it is good. I can hardly wait to hear more.
    I can smell that smell of them just by listening to your story.
    Happy New Year my friend and may you have love, health, prosperity, and peace in 2012.

  9. I am ashamed of (some) people right along with you. But thank goodness there are good people who buy roping donkeys and save them from that life. Thank you for this post, which made me laugh and cry. Oh, if only we could rescue all the animals that need help.

    Did you know that there are things called "walker traction cleats" for snow and ice? I remembered seeing them back east and couldn't think what they might be called, so I just googled "ice walkers" and that worked. They strap on to your regular shoes or boots and give you a chance against slippery conditions.

    I look forward to some more donkey tales, Linda.

  10. Linda, I just saw the gorgeous donkey pillows you gave to Justina and Don at Morning Bray Farm. They are fantastic! I think I need to visit your other blog to see more of your work--do you show it there?

  11. This is such a touching experience that has warmed my heart more than you can imagine. It is so beautiful that these new relationships are giving nearly as much back to you as you are giving out. Each of these sweet critters are just adorable. I too, am ashamed of the human race and their lack of humanity. It is a damn shame.

    Dan watched a show last Sunday about an organization that rescues donkeys and he fell in love. He spent a good hour explaining to me what the benefits of having a donkey(s) would be. I just had to pause him and also remind him of the amount of time they deserve and we needed to really think about whether we could honestly provide for them in the way they deserved. But the seed is planted. If not this year, perhaps we can plan for another. Of course as soon as he began talking about it I thought instantly of you and your beautiful family. Big warm hugs to you, sweet Linda.

  12. Oh Linda, they are beautiful! I've had a couple of falls in my +50 years, once using a step ladder improperly, another stepping on layers of plastic fencing laying on the ground while holding a young puppy (was more concerned about him than me) but still, gotta be careful at our ages ya know? I had to laugh at the soreness though, boy can I relate to that! Hey, at least it sounds like you got in some exercise!


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