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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Great Infestation of 2011

Ms. Baggs here. It has been so long since I last posted about my interview with the gnomes that I have almost forgotten the whole of that adventure. If you too have forgotten, here is a link for you to that post. http://yeoldecronesgazette.blogspot.com/2011/07/stepping-over-threshold.html

However, I must confess that I do have a soft spot for the head gnome, lovely chap with a fine attitude about humans. I dare say, darned right civil even. And that I can tell you is not the case with all of the "others" that lay claim to Casa de Cuckoo as a place in which to dwell. If you think my stories will be about sweet, delightful, bland beings....well we can't drive that horse. Because I can tell you straight away that these stories have action, adventure, sex (yes I did say that) and humor in every episode.

I'll give you a brief overview of my observations on the infestation and then in Friday posts to come, will have specific encounters to tell. Remember no photos are allowed beyond the threshold so I will have to do a good job of describing what I have seen. I have met; cucuwee, a troll, gnomes, as I mentioned previously, saw a gremlin, meet with the PR fairy who spoke for the entire tribe, and lastly I tagged along with the sprites and pixies. Each and every interview is a photograph of their lives and how they have impacted the residents of C de C. I do hope you will stick with me for this series where I will regale you with their very personal observations of life near humans.

All of this started longer ago certainly, than I have been a resident of C de C. The first to come were the cucuwee twins. I gather from a very brief meeting in the crawlspace under the house, that they were attracted to this dwelling from the beginning. I suspect it may have been decades before the house was built, that these very interesting negative seeking beings came to be here on a slope between the Rio Grande Basin and the Sandia Mountains.

The troll in the garage side yard tells things in a different time frame. Claims he has been here longer but then trolls are not known to be truth tellers or cooperative, so who knows. But he, of all the infestation, has had the most direct meetings with the humans and has caused the most problems for the humans as well. But then I do think that is a bit of an exaggeration after meeting the twins.

The gnomes have a labyrinth of hollows here behind closed door and I was privy to so much of their lifestyle. Can't wait to tell you of the upcoming visit by their Nordic cousins, the Nisse.

The gremlin just wouldn't grant me an interview so I've had to rely on what the others have told me about the gremlin. I am still willing to meet with him/her and will print what is told to me if that entity so chooses.

The PR fairy was so much fun and got me connected to the best interviews of my career thus far. We also have become such good friends that lunch out has become our secret pleasure. You would not believe how many places there are close by for friends to have a lunch/chat. But that is another series for the Gazette in the spring.

And lastly the interview with the pixies and sprites was the most demanding I have ever experienced. They are the non stop beings of the infestation. Whew, I had to take some time off afterwards to recover from the pure physicality of the meetings. You know this Olde Bagg is getting up there in years and climbing and swinging about isn't daily activity for yours truly.

I 'll see you back here next Friday for the first installment of The Great Infestation of 2011. Tah.


  1. What fun!!! I'm looking forward to it...

  2. I'm looking forward to reading this unique series of interviews. It should be very entertaining and educational. Can't wait for next Friday.

  3. Looking forward to more exciting installments of the Great Infestation. Ms. Baggs is quite the intrepid investigator.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. I cannot wait for the following installments! I know I will be enchanted with each and every one.

  5. The Clan, Jack and I shall be waiting on the edge of our seat. Well, those of the Clan that returned from the fair in Sheffield anyway!


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