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Saturday, November 12, 2011

flashes of ugly

loathing, a lie on two legs
disgust, hearing that stomachs are growling in the dark
pain, feeling not one of your arms is long enough
terror, seeing crayons scrawl claws of memory
horror, holding a wilted flower from a hot soak
frustration, seeing ugly stir
hope, on vacation in hell
resolve, brewing cures with others

I hear the smell of endings that rustle like death
so close, yet illusive
Soon, flinch

There are so many visions of the negative that come to mind at this time. I would say there are no words but that is all there is. Letting go is the honorable thing and yet that will never be one of the words. There is no honor in self indulgence, false pride, self absorption. There is only the hollow emptiness of the same lie told to a new audience.

But on the horizon is real infirmity. Something tangible to hold as a trophy. And the only one to be surprised will be the owner of the falsehood.

Blood, the very fearsome thing will come to visit in a manner that has been described time and time again but in faux form.

Knowing this was invoked by the owner of the lies. Too bad, so sad, failed cad, I'm glad.

Thank you for indulging my dark thoughts. XOXO Oma Linda


  1. Wow! you said exactly what I was thinking! Almost. Ok, not really, but WOW!

  2. Is this a general feeling or concerning a particular "cad?"


  3. To once more quote 'The Crow'; it can't rain all the time. Things will get better, but in the meantime indulge your darkness as much as you need to - the writing is rather beautiful, despite the subject matter.

  4. I want all of you to know I am fine..the grands and Shell are fine...SM is fine...this is for he who will not be named but is the focus of some well deserved attention.

  5. Always happy to indulge in darkness. It is there, let it out!

  6. Divorce proceedings bringing out the worst in the cad?

  7. If I were 'he who shall not be named' my hair would be standing on end about now. Actually, what am I saying, mine IS standing on end now lol I do hope that he has plagues visited upon him just for you guys

  8. I didn't know what this was about I in my heart I knew who it had to be & I agree. Let it out!

  9. The "cad" who shall not be named deserves all that comes his way. Sometimes we must indulge our little dark sides for it is all that keeps us sane. This writing, though dark, touches my soul with its raw emotion. May you and yours remain protected and sustained by Universal light. This will end soon.


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