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Monday, August 29, 2011

Where has the summer gone??????

I'm having a hard time remembering what happened to summer. I know it started but the rest is just a blur.

Joe and I took the kids places and the kids and I went places, did arts and farts and we had a good time but in the mean time......

a. my yard went to hell in hand basket
b. my house is not what I would call dirty but there are piles of things that I don't know what to do with and have no more room to shove them.
c. one kid in school for 2 weeks and the other goes next week.
d. I still haven't made my yippy dippy hippy bedspread for my bed.
e. GK's room was to be finished and her moved in by the time she went to school.....not gonna happen.

One minute we were entertaining friends from Portugal in July and then I'm realizing that September is only days away. Whew, time didn't just fly by.....it skipped me as best as I can recollect.

Pictures from the last of our adventures are still in the camera and will be shared.......well ya know, I'm not sure. But here I am waving hi to all my lovelies.....blowing kisses........later gators.

Oh yeah, and why haven't I blogged this summer?


  1. I'm hoping to get to my piles of stuff this fall and winter. Maybe you can too! I know what you mean about the summer being nearly gone. September usually has many beautiful days--I'm looking forward to them! :-)

  2. Heck if I know where it went!! We got such a late start here on summer and are barely into it and everyone in bloggy land is saying how autumn is almost here and and how they're so ready for it and tired of summer. Well, I'm not ready or tired of summer. I'm just getting started with summer and now it's almost over. I haven't done anything memorable or fun yet, I need more time!! Linda, don't feel bad about not getting everything you set out to do done. Look at the good times you and your family have had these past few months. That's what summer's all about. You did good.

  3. Sorry, who are you again? ;o)

    I say autumn/winter is for clean up, spring and summer are for fun, so you have a few weeks grace yet :oD

  4. I know what you mean but personally I glad it's nearly over. At least by the calendar anyway. it's still hot as hell here.

  5. I know, it's crazy how fast time is going, right!?! Here's hoping we have time to catch up this fall although my guess is we'll still be scratching our heads in dismay when the holidays arrive! ;D

  6. It's still hotter than hell out here...summer's not going anywhere any time soon, darn it!! However, the swamp cooler is working lots better in spite of the 100+ temps....the air is drying up...monsoons are over. But as for the 3 months considered "summer," who the hell knows. Since my mother's illness, I've lost all sense of time and timing. Even though she's much improved, she still requires a lot of my time.

    Is it wrong to feel a bit resentful of my other sibs, well, not my bro up in Las Cruces, or my little bro who lives in CA and is in constant contact with my mother, but my sister who, as my mother said yesterday, "Tu hermana brilla en su aubsensia!" Loosely translates to, "Your sister shines in her absence!" She hasn't called her to see how she's doing or feeling in over 2 weeks...she's in mourning for her daughter's cat...oh paleeeezzzz!! That cat was 140 years old and was a cherished pet, but I too have lost loving pets and I have mourned my loss, but neglect everything else???!!??!!??

    Ok, 'nuff complaining. Today, I hope to finish my Dia de los Muertos masks, or at least get them close to completion.

    Loves ya and the goats are restless,

  7. September!! It can't be September already...when was August??

  8. Good question! lol Where did it go...it flew by thats for sure. I'm actually kinda glad it's coming to an end...i'm stick of being hot and sticky all the time. And of course Fall is just around the corner yay!!

  9. LOL! I was just telling Dan the other day that this entire year has seemed to pass in a blur. Either I am really enjoying life or really busy or both. Sounds the same at your house. Hugs to you, sweet Linda.


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