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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A sweet trip to The Specialty Shop

We have been quite busy here at YOCG. It's not just the office work but all the trips out to do stories on the business's of interest. Last week we ventured into a store that neither Oma nor Poison had been in previously. Which confidentially was quite obvious from their lack of decorum when it came to shouting from various parts of the store, "oh you gotta see this, and come and see this one".  Quite frankly I was a little embarrassed and so I left the "geese who seemed to be finding a brand new day" at every corner and introduced myself to the manager of "The Specialty Shop".

This establishment has been in business for over 20 years and services the community with all manner of cake, cookie and other yummy treat paraphanalia. They also do fabulous cakes for all occasions and offer classes to those with an interest.

Pat, the manager, offered to show me just a few of the hundreds of tips for decorating cakes, while the "girls" were off shopping and buying and shopping some more. Poison bought a darling pirate inspired cake topper, blue spray color and some piratical rings for Ry's cake (which he wasn't really keen on but no accounting for taste). Oma on the other hand was once again distracted by all things sparkly and shiny. Honestly the woman is like a crow....if it sparkles she's all over it.

Anyway, we came back to the office with a lot of new things to do things with......or something. And Poison will begin her beginning cake decorating class in June. GK will also be doing a cake baking camp for a week in June and I'm gonna be first in line to sample the bring homes. Now that little girl can bake.

So until I regale you with our very sexy trip to the nursery. Whew, fan needed for this one, be good to all the wooden heads you know. For all you know they might be someone's crone.

Ta, Ms. Baggs


  1. I think she is darn cute, cake decorating sounds like fun. think of you often Linda. take care and keep being you. your the best.

  2. Love the post and wish I could have made the trip with you. Don't you just love these types of stores?

  3. I love that you photograph her amongst your findings : )

    P.S. I tagged you in my blog today :)

  4. I love those kinds of specialty shops! lol I would have probably acted like "the girls" too. :) Too cute how you put her amongst the things in the shop lol

  5. How fun! We have a store like that here and it is the most amazing place. They have all kinds of ready made royal icing flowers and other such fun things. Be sure and show us the decorated cakes if you can get a picture before they are gobbled up.

  6. one of the twin g'girls wants to be a dessert chef. so when she comes we always make desserts.

  7. First, m'luv, let me tell you that you look great in the middle of sprinkles and yummy things. I so understand Oma's fixation with sparkly things, I mean what's not to like? I'm getting my fan ready; can't wait to see the nursery trip.

    P.S. I still LOVES your apron!

  8. Dear Crone, I'm so happy that ya'll had a wonderful day! Give Crow-Oma a big hug for me :-)

  9. What a wonderful shop! You know, they say Valkyries are attracted to shiny things as well and in fact, can get nearly hypnotized by them. Hmmm...

    When those cakes are baked, I will be by for trials. Until next time, my sweet crone...


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