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Sunday, February 13, 2011

How fun is this??????

The kids are out of the house. No really. Everyone is out of the house. SM is at work left at 5:30am. Shelley and the kids left about 6:45am (on a Sunday) to go to the International Balloon Museum here in Albuquerque. The sweetheart balloon festivities are today and they've gone for watching, and perhaps getting a hot air balloon ride. Mommy has a regular customer at the restaurant who went to school with her. She and this woman were not friends in school but have struck up a friendship within the last year. The woman's husband, who put in my ceramic tile floors, owns a balloon and now there is a standing offer to "come take a ride with us". How exciting is that?

Last night the Mommy and kids went to the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus. I thought of you RV Linda, getting to see all the circus things in your travels. I still haven't talked to the kids because they came in after I had gone to bed last night, but I should imagine a good time was had by all.....well maybe the kids more than Mom. Shelley is afraid of clowns.

It's all my fault, I guess. When she was little I wanted her to see everything fun there was to see and took her to all the circus' that came to town. I always loved the little ones that set up in the parking lots of the big shopping centers. The ones with only a few people to do all the jobs. The clowns were always up close and personal and sat right next to you at the circus. Or maybe it was the Bicentennial Circus where a clown came up into the stands and got Shelley and took her down to the performance floor for her to ride on an elephant in the closing parade. Whatever it was, she has since she was 5 been scared of people in makeup as clowns or those costumey mascots for restaurants, or shows or whatever. Poor baby.

Well they've come home now and I can hardly wait to here of the adventures of the balloons and circus. See ya later and Happy Sunday.


  1. Oh that sound like so much fun!!! I've always wanted to ride in a hot air ballon.

    Funny about the clowns too. My 9 year old is very afaid of clowns! Last year we went in McDonalds & Ronald was there. She FREAKED out & ran staight to the bathroom. Daddy had to get the food to go & we ran her out of the bathroom & to the car! She was so scared but we laugh about it now. But she still won't go near one :)

  2. Sounds like a very fun and busy weekend. I have not been to the circus in years but love them.

  3. Had to laugh about Shelley's fear of clowns! Andria is afraid of them too, but I don't know why...she also fears primates!! Now that one I know. We got her this adorable little swinging mechanical monkey when she was about 5ish, and suspended it from the ceiling. When you turned it on, it would swing on it's little floral decorated swing and do the "Eeeeeee" sound...that's it. Apparently, one night the little monkey turned on by itself, so she claims. I think my oldest sneaked in there during the night and turned it on just to mess with her, or hell, maybe I did!! LOL Anyway, she's deathly afraid of both monkeys and clowns!! Sheesh!!

    Hope you enjoyed your solitude and have a great week. Happy Valentines Day!

    Loves ya,

  4. hot air balloons and the circus? can I come live at your house? I imagine the old crone had a pleasant day of it too, all by herself.

  5. I am so happy you got a day to yourself.

    I wish we could afford an afternoon at the circus - it is so expensive here and not worth the effort.

    I love the circus. Clowns and all. [Sorry Shelly]

  6. Oh I hate clowns and always did. I do love the old fashioned "Carnies" with all the oddities. I just don't like the animals being used in the modern day circus'. It's so fun that we get to relive our childhood or make a fun one up through children. I used to want to be one of those women who rode the horses around in sparkly costumes ;)


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