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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here we are looking at a new week........

Last week was loooOoo0ooooo00oooOooooooong. (the last word has 6 syllables, btw)

The beginning of the week was stressful enough on it's own. And thanks once again for all the love and support. Then we got the snow storm from hellishness central and our world got smaller.

The kids were home all week long because we live in the Land of Enchantment, not the Alaskan tundra for goodness sake. I mean, we get snow and ice...which lasts for a day at a time here in the city. We have snowplows, sand, salt and snow removal thingies....but not enough plumbers. When pipes freeze you cannot throw sand on them to fix them. You cannot ignore them when they freeze, cuz they are going to thaw and somebody is gonna be doing the back stroke. That's why the kids didn't go to school. More than 20 schools had frozen pipes and water was everywhere...at least we knew where the water was because someone lost our natural gas.

Not really, it was stuck in Texas somewhere and so........that's why our pipes froze. At the beginning of the "crisis weather" the natural gas company said, hey don't worry, we've got you covered, no sweat. And they meant that....no one was sweating....we were freezing. There was not enough gas to cover the "crisis" -16 degree temps and so there were whole communities that had to go without........WITHOUT heat for days. Schools, businesses, government agencies all closed and turned down their thermostats..............and then the pipes froze. We were all asked to turn our thermostats down to between 65 and 68. For us that's not an issue cuz that's where we keep our thermostat in the winter. 62 at night when we are sleeping and up to 68 at first when everyone is showering and getting ready for work and school and then when all of them are out of the house (oh wait, I don't think that has happened in months, that I get rid of all of them at one time, oh well) I turn the temp down to 65 and bundle up and keep busy. But I guess for alot of folks that isn't the way they roll normally so it was a hardship.

Are you getting the feeling that in the Land of Enchantment, we don't do this often and have shit for brains? CUZ that's what I got from all this excitement.

The first day we all had snow fun outside, then the artic blast came and the kids stayed in and it's been close quarters ever since. I swear if they don't go to school all this week I'm going looking for the missing gas in Texas all by myself. If not, I will gladly make the call to the men in white coats to give me a social call .....just for the rest and relaxation.

On each other's nerves had taken on a whole new meaning for us at Casa de Cuckoo. It ain't purdy ya'll.


  1. Linda, so sorry my friend. I really feel for everyone that has been dealing with Winter weather. We have been very fortunate with mostly just rain and cold, and not near as cold as some. Hope things get back to normal for you real soon.

  2. If it's any consolation, we may have your missing gas, but pipes busted everywhere here and we have power outages too! What is going on, people? Try to keep warm and sane! ;)

  3. Oh my, you had a rough time of it with the storm. I'm here patiently waiting for the spring to arrive.

  4. Thanks for you concern ladies and for your good thoughts as well. I'm not really all that put out. We had it lucky as compared to very many people who had "real" dilemna caused by the storm. I just see the insanity in the handling of crisis in this state as poor at best.

  5. Yikes - fingers crossed for an end to your cabin fever. Meanwhile stay bundled!

    I heard a somewhat disturbing speculation from a friend who does plumbing that most of the piping in the US stem back to about the same period of time...and it's more or less all ooold now, so every year it's patch, patch, patch - but it's just getting to the point where it can't deal with winter at all. Makes me wish I still lived where we had well water! lol

  6. I wrote a comment and can't tell whether it took. eek.

    Thinking of you and wishing [blowing] warm weather your way.

    Love you!

  7. I think this bad weather is a lot worse for those states that normally don't have to deal with it on a regular basis. It seems that sometimes the powers that be simply throw their collective hands in the air and say "now what?"

    Hope the week starts off better and the kidlets get to go back to school to give you some breathing space. Believe me, I know all about small quarters!

    word vert: ersir. If the weather doesn't get better the tension will get ersir and ersir.

  8. Oops, had a coke on screen moment at the 2nd to last paragraph! I was going to say run your hairdryer along the pipes until I saw where they were, and then I thought 'they don't make dryers that big!' So, err, good luck with the evacuation of everyone for this week!

  9. Sorry to hear about your hard times. Hope by the time this reaches you everything will be somewhat back to normal. You did make me laugh, "Casa de Cuckoo" LOL you are the best! XO


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