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Monday, August 2, 2010

This is not the face of innocence.....trust me on this one.

She's making me crazier than I usually am.

Pert near impossible ya'll but she's a done it.

The puppy is darling, that's a given. Is smart as can be, that could be trouble. I the most stubborn animal on the face of the planet, that's where I live.

The British guy who invented the Dyson vacuum cleaner did not have this technology when he invented his machine because if he had.....we'd all have the advances 3T model floor evacuator, terrible terror terriers running amuck eating every damnable piece of everything that lands on the floor as fast as it can get there.

And she has a special fondness for biting your toes, just as an added bonus to her antics. Poor Odin has her in his face about 23.87 hours a day. She kisses, kisses, bites, nibbles, kisses and he bares his teeth and just endures it cuz he's a good dog. She is a pain. A cute pain but a pain.

And for those who have to offer the platitude, patience.............my posterior. I have none left.....she ate that too, patience not my posterior....poor dog would have exploded.

But just look at that face, and she talks too....talks back that is when you are saying no.....she growls.....does anyone have Ceasar Milan's number on speed dial?


  1. Oh, she is precious!!! My friend has a terrier and she also has issues with the vacuum cleaner :0) She keeps telling herself: "This too shall pass" LOL. Have a great day XO

  2. That face doesn't look innocent at all, it looks full of mischief! And if it wasn't you probably wouldn't love her nearly as much!

    Hugs, Kelly

  3. Now that's a happy kid, a happy dog, and I'm sure there is a happy you there too!

  4. LOL, sorry about that as I just had to smile and laugh. She is an adorable dog with a face you just can't get mad at. I am sure Ceasar would be able to give you the magic trick, then again look at that face.

  5. ~i am SO sorry i can't help but giggle...i don't know which is cuter your grand or your pup...i think i 'll go wit the grand though as she seems a littl emore even keeled!! these are the most adorable pictures...so hard to believe you are living with such a terror...i do hope it gets better real soon...if i find his number i'll surely pass it along! best wishes dear little lady and brightest blessings~

  6. She is just too cute...and obviously so well loved.

  7. One word: Pet Agree. Have we discussed this already? The sonic device? Works on the Cat from H*ll here at Chez Vagabonds.

    But those faces in your pictures? Kiss, kiss, kiss. Adorable.

    Sending huge vibes for patience your way to replace those depleted by a certain big-eyed, back-talking puppy. Does ABQ have a dog park where the little one could run off some of that energy?

  8. Yep, I have one very close to this breed. Same antics. Would hate to see the xray of his belly. One question. How the heck do you clip her nails because for the life of me mine will not let me touch them!! I'm now afraid to take him to the groomer for fear he will be traumatized - but he, in an attempt to trim them himself, has now created Freddie Kruger like claws that rip down my leg, because yes. He is a jumper!! My poor legs look as if I have been in a cat fight.

  9. I love puppies! I've never owned a terrier, but I hear they are a terror to keep up with - very energetic little animals. I think your puppy is adorable and like another reader said: "This too shall pass!" Enjoy it while you can - time goes by way too quickly!

    Have a lovely day, my friend :-)
    Doris and Gizzy

    p.s. as you can see, I'm unable to get back into blogger to read my comments and visit my friends ;-) Yeah for Google Chrome!


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