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Monday, June 28, 2010

We drank too much tea

I loved all the rush and hustle and all the pinkness of it, but honest to goodness, I'm glad we are over the tea binge of 2010. I have been to visit about 1/3 of the entrants in the tea party blogs listed on Vanessa's blog, A Fanciful Twist.

Out of the first 20 I visited, 12 hadn't done anything, 5 just referred back to the original invitation and so 3 participated. That was just a sampling but sheez. I guess once again, I am old school. If ya say your gonna do something then damn it, do it. Don't volunteer to celebrate a funky fun day if you're gonna make excuses as to how life got away from you, or you had so many commissions due, to get finished that you didn't get around to it or this is my favorite, I'm going to have to postpone my entry until next month.....huh? I don't feel bad for any who were no shows, although I am sure that some had life changes etc and my sympathies are with them. I just think folks are rude, self absorbed and forgetful. Not that I have an opinion.

I mean we didn't get graded on this, it won't be on our permanent record and our insurance won't go up because we got too many "non participating" citations, but let me just say.....good uggly moogly, mean what you say and when you give your word, try to come close to living up to it.

And to the fabulous doers and finishers....hot diggity dog, each and every one of your tea parties was so cute, fun, clever, colorful, wonderful, interesting, eye catching and just plain adorable. I still have at least 100+ parties to go to but for now....not so much.

As Big G would say, peace out ya'll.


  1. I started to work through the list on the sidebar and kept getting annoyed when I'd hit blogs who were no-shows. So I went with this little trick... I went through the comments and clicked on the links people posted to their tea parties and boy was I ever rewarded! I've visited nearly 120 blogs already and haven't hit one without something going on. No matter how minute, if an effort was made, I applauded it.

    I've found a few delightful new blogs to follow and seem to have gained a few fans of my own. I'm not sure if you found these parties yet, but here are a few to raise your spirits my dear:






    There were like 50 more that I visited and adored, but I neglected to bookmark them all or I'd have too many blogs to keep up with! <3

  2. I know what you mean. I visited some blogs that were part of the "studio" showcase last week and quite a few had not finished or didn't even post about it. Oh well, you can't win them all. What will be will be. Glad you had a nice time at the tea parties. Woo Hoo! :) Have a great week.

  3. Well, I'm much too sour to participate in anything - having been really disappointed before - and please don't get me started on people and their danged ways!!!

  4. heh, I used to run a gallery...unbelievable how many artists were full of excuses and not work. It's almost old school to be reliable ....


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