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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Only 10 days and counting until Summer starts.....

Like so many of you lovelies we have been sweltering in the heat of the spring. Hovering around 100 degrees for the past week and a half. And still it is not officially summer. Yikes.

We are all in the same bucket when it comes to complaining about the weather...it ain't never what we want when we want it. Ain't life grand????

Anywho, Summer Solstice will be on June 20th. As a kid I used to look forward to the day because my 1st grade teacher told me it was a magickal day. I have a feeling she was a believer in all things magickal as well. That summer, I wanted to stay up and see the magic. I kept expecting that the magic would be in the sky. So when I saw a falling star......I was captured.

Now ions later, I realize that the magick, spelled differently, is truly all around. Sit outside late in the evening (if you can stand the heat and watch and wait and the magick of nature will capture you as well.  Remember.....I do believe.


  1. I love sitting outside late at night. Actually, it is the only time I DO get to sit outside with my nosy neighbors. It's a magical time.

  2. Sunsets, falling stars, fireflies (although we called them lightning bugs). Magick indeed.

  3. Linda I love it outside late at night. I have only ever seen fireflies once. It was amazing. I too remember. take care.

  4. I'll be sitting out in the fairy garden, for sure!

  5. Have not been able to sit out at night or even in the day here yet. It is still cold and rainy. It is actually suppose to get into the low 80's this weekend. We will see.

  6. hey from canada.
    im lurking via susan in BC.
    i cant wait for summer... its my fav. my only saddness about solstice is that the days get shorter after it. winter solstice is my favourite day
    and i will be out in my garden

  7. We're still waiting for heat...all it does is rain...sniff, sniff, but yes the magick of the solstice....we always have a get together for all the old girlfriends at my sisters. It's a tradition now...and yes, I believe as well....

  8. Sounds good to me friend, I too will be sitting outside on the evening of June 20th & waiting for the whatever Magic comes my way!

  9. OH MY, near 100 is HOT for ABQ. Very weird weather, very weird!!!

  10. I would love to sit outside at night if the chilli weather here allowed! We're heading Winter, you know... sigh.. How I wish it was the opposite! Do enjoy your beautiful season, sweetie!

    Kisses and love from us.

    PS: Yes... I'm also anxious to see Lucas' reaction to your sweet girl's letterm, and get my beautiful giveaway prize! :o)


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