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Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To those of you who have Father's who are admirable, loving, deserving of respect, dependable, loyal and that you just plain love so much, I hope you will celebrate a wonderful Day on Sunday with that person. Or in the case of those whose Dad's have passed away and had a super Father, I hope the memory of that loved person brings you joy in the remembering.

I love going to the card store and looking at all the different types, kinds, varieties of wishes for Father's day.

Sweet Man is a terrific man, great husband, loving father and kick ass Papa, but he doesn't fish, hunt, watch sports, cars or build stuff. So.....a lot of cards just don't do it for us. The kids made him cards, I bought a sappy lovie one and we'll have steak on the grill, southern style creamed corn, homemade rolls, great big old salad with everything in the world in it and lemon ice box pie. He always insists on no presents and we have kept it that way all these years. He is so easy to please.

Happy Daddy's Day Joe, we love you.

While my own father was alive, the day was always a disaster. Never right, never enough and you know it was even harder to find him a card. As I have joked (not really) since I was a teenager...'ya know they don't have cards that say...Happy Father's day you mean spirited, worthless old shit'. That isn't nice to bring up at this time of year but it is a case in point......if you have a precious and loved Father...consider yourself blessed beyond all measure.


  1. Well, Hallmark did make a card for Mother's Day that called the person's mom a b*tch, but I haven't seen any "you creep" cards for Father's Day -- but there is an "old fart" b'day card for dads...

  2. Same here with past times....but i have shut that door and have my own loving kind man, whos a gentle father to our children and my soul mate....im blessed to have found such a good man in my life. Its his birthday on the 19th too....soo no gifts here either except lots of love, laughter and cake.......got to have cake.......oh, and a cold one at sundown:O)

  3. I know, not every parent is like they should be and some are best ignored...(sad bur true!)

    Happy Fathers Day to all the nice dads out there, especially the ones serving our country!

  4. Linda, were we sisters? Sounds like we had the same dad. Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers that are out there, My son in laws are all wonderful dads.

  5. I had one of the wonderful dads. He had some flaws but has always been the yard stick I use to measure a true man. He was kind, brilliant, funny and his family came first. I do miss him so.

  6. I'm sorry Linda, but I had to laugh about the card selection for your own father...I can just hear hear!!! LOL Well sista, we are sharing a brain...sounds like we have the same meat selection for our honeys....except, I'm making a baked potato with everything on it...even bacon and I don't like even the smell of bacon let alone the nasty little strip, salad and homemade rolls but I'm making banana pudding or something chocolate...the man loves chocolate!!

    Have a wonderful weekend and my turn to call now twice!!

    Love ya mucho and the goats send their blessings,


  7. It's funny you mention the limited selection of cards for fathers. My daughter always makes her own (my husband does not fish, hunt or play golf :0) Sorry to hear about your daughter/father negative experience but having a wonderful man by your side is one of life's many ways of making up for sad, lost times. Thank you so much for visiting my Blog and for the heartfelt comments XO


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