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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Typical Saturday.....

Hello lovelies. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

We got some snow last night, just a dusting but snow none the less.

Gorgeous rain clouds today, drifting between periods of sunshine and cloudiness, sorta like my attitude. I am sorta on the soured milk side of a milk shake.

This week has been a rough one. Going through possessions and things that I had put off since my Mother passed and also things I have accumulated from....I'm gonna do's. Mingle feelings of "Oh, hell no and probably not". Made me sad, mad, glad, and just plain tired. I'm really not bitching, just reporting. It also felt good to be rid of some of the bad juju from too much memory stuff. It felt wonderful to think, I don't have to take it back and save it for good. What is that anyway? Something my Mom used to say. Creeps in my head when I'm not watching.

Then there's the ongoing stupidity of my idiot sil. This boy and paper bags are on an intellectual par.

GK has had some mean girl stuff (typical of 4th grade) going on so there's that soap opera. She did not get chosen by lottery to attend the charter school so we are just dropping back 15 and punting. Something good will come along for her and us, in the way of schooling, I am sure of it.

Ry has one classmate who had strep (and came to school anyway) and another that is home with pneumonia after he had been at school for several days with whatever. Ry had a fever a few months back. The nurse called and raised holy crap with me. I had no car so I got the message to his Mom. She got off work as soon as she could to go get him. You would have thought we had introduced Swine Flu to everyone involved. So how is it that the others are the typhoid twins and have stayed there and everyone knew? I am really puzzled but that's the land I come from, Puzzlelandia. Sweet man and I can feel the plague coming on again.......

Shelley works so hard, is so tired when she gets home and still has to deal not only with the paper bag boy, the kids, us but keeping time for herself and that's not easy to do when paper bag boy won't leave her alone for a moment. I am praying that the anti christ texting fairy causes his fingers to freeze. Oh was that rude?

I am in process. I hate that phrase cuz I use it to mean..."hey ya'll I'm finally getting off my big fat pink butt" and starting to finish an arty thought that I had a long time ago. Need to put the hammer down tomorrow with GK for our May baskets....which is next Saturday and then our Solstice fairies cuz I am so tired of the Easter tree still being up.

We need to gather the fae from years past and perch them on the faery tree and add this years models. GK says we are going to design them like on Project Runway...no Heidi Klum faeries for us but she wants us to compete for Fashion Week for the Fae. I am thinking she is so cute and I wanna gobble her up. So our faeries will walk the runway and work it honey (snap, snap).

Then I shall return to my witchlets and Halloween treetoppers and Day of the Dead and Loteria fun things I started a month ago. There they are just staring at me saying...don't ya care that there are fewer than 200 days until Halloween? Don't ya care that the cat has been giving us midnight kisses and he's getting scarier by the minute? Halloween thingie's complain alot if left out in the light too long, don't ya know.

Enough babble, I gotta see what the grands are getting into, or out of, or their latest thing.....science experiments....even scarier than the cat.


  1. I hope things get a bit easier for you and your loving ones, Linda!!

    Kisses and love from us.

  2. Okay, Saturday was a bit difficult...how was Sunday? Any better? Well, we've moved on to Monday and Tuesday...hope yours are better than mine...

  3. My lovely girl...I have been wondering if you were okay...
    You have so much going on...
    I hope you gets all of your wishes...and I don't think you were at all rude about SIL...if anyone deserves frozen fingers...
    I see from the next post that things are a little better for you...don't you just love retrospect blog reading...I can tell you all of the things that will soon be!
    So Linda my lovely..."Very soon...things will be a lot better for you...I can feel it in my water..."
    (Said in my bestest dreamy voice...just for you) :0)


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