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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Impulse control or the lack there of

My birthday twin, grandson and I share much more than our birthdates. He has impulse problems and so do I.

Yesterday I was overcome with angst on many levels and someone's post sent me over the edge.

It's a crappy feeling (I am getting motion sickness from the up and down) to be out of control, but no one should have to suffer my insanity and rants. So if you unfortunately read yesterdays post on OBNSS, my other blog.....nevermind.

I do apologize to them's that need it.


  1. As Marlene says, no apologies are necessary...we all get there sometimes...what do you do to get rid of the Angst??

  2. We all go through one or the other time with such phases.

    Keep smiling. :)

  3. I didn't read anything that needed apologies, as I commented in your other page. And what's important and seems like you're forgetting: this is YOUR BLOG. You can post whatever you want here! If people don't like, so they move!
    And thanks for your lovely words about thmy Earth Hour post, let's light candles together!



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