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Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to the dark side

This reminds me of how kids have secret clubhouses and handshakes.

With the encouragement of so many of you, I realized that I am a very fortunate lady that no one took offense and ran screaming into the night or worse yet nailed me on my "life" posts.

Also with wise words dispensed to me, I know that I need to be real. Sometimes that comes with a harder edge than I wanted to have on OBNSS. I do want to use that blog for launching some of my work and I don't think you can mix metaphors for a total audience, if you will. Thus this hidey hole place to say what I need to, to those of you how want to hear it.

So, naughty Oma Linda will still be rocking on with her bad self as an Olde Bag but Linda Sybil will do the bitch and moan shuffle here.

Gawd, have I confused anyone else but me?????????????


  1. Ummm, only a little confused!! not really. OK I'm here for the ride.

  2. Wishing you all the best on your new blog. Glad to be a part of it.

  3. Confused, what's that? Seems normal to me.

  4. It thrilled me this morning to boot up my new blog and find that you have visited me :) So now I have found your hangout and have added you to my blogroll. I'm sure to be back and find out much more about you (who has definitely tickled my interest!).

  5. Just great! Nothing like dirty talk sometimes, all the time? lol, art, venting, chatting, good irony, etc, etc, etc.
    Going to add it to my list.


  6. ~confused...no not yet...but onto read the next post...glad you decided to write here...brightest blessings~


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